Playing small games leads to big business




The concept of secondary throwing is no longer a new one for everyone. However, people's attention to secondary selling has continued to increase.

Compared to other categories, the market share of secondary cosmetics is not high, but the growth rate cannot be underestimated.

Since 2018, the number of filings for secondary products has been rapidly increasing. In 2017, there were only 15 new filings for secondary products. As of now, entering 'secondary filings' in the cosmetics regulatory app shows that there have been 2159 filings.

There is a company in the industry that focuses on secondary selling that has received much attention, which is Yunfei Poetry. In 2022, Yunfei Shi elevated 'secondary throwing' to the strategic development level for the first time, becoming one of the few cosmetic ODM factories in China that features secondary throwing as a characteristic category.




From small samples to secondary throwing

The 15 Year Growth Path of Yunfei Poetry

In fact, for Yunfei Shi, the concept of secondary cosmetics is not new, because since its inception, Yunfei Shi has been engaged in the business of secondary cosmetics. However, why will it elevate secondary cosmetics to the level of enterprise development strategy in 2022?

Established in 2008, Yunfei Shi Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. initially produced aluminum foil bag bags, which were referred to as small and medium-sized samples at the time, but later evolved into bag bags and secondary throwing.

In 2010, Yunfei Shi developed a special shaped bag, becoming a revolutionary in bag product innovation. Bag products with various shapes and materials were born in Yunfei Shi. In 2015, Yunfei Shi Company first developed bubble wrap products. Compared to bags, bubble wrap has a more three-dimensional appearance, high recognition, easy to carry, and more diverse shapes.


In 2016, Yunfei Shi developed rolled cap ampoules, which were previously mostly active in medical beauty salons. This move pushed rolled cap ampoules to individual users and increased market penetration. Such a quantitative, fresh, and highly concentrated product quickly gathered super high popularity. In 2017, Yunfei Shi developed bullet ampoules, seizing the first wave of plastic ampoules market share, and the popularity of bullet ampoules officially marked the beginning of the era of high-performance skincare.

In 2018, three-dimensional aluminum foil AFP secondary polishing packaging was born in Yunfei Shi. This category uses medical aluminum foil integrated molding and filling, and Yunfei Shi has a patent for this type of secondary polishing production equipment, which is still exclusive in China up to now. In 2019, Yunfei Shi developed makeup removal wipes, freshness locking strips and bags... Currently, there are several new secondary packaging products under development and testing.




The person in charge of Yunfei Poetry stated that the reason why Yunfei Poetry has proposed the development positioning of secondary dumping is to combine its own advantages with market factors.

He analyzed that the changes in the packaging methods of cosmetics reflect the trend of market hotspots. The popularity of secondary cosmetics has witnessed the changes in sales methods and also catered to changes in consumer habits. In the past, Yunfei Shi used to produce small and medium-sized samples because the market needed such products. When selling products, brands often gave away small and medium-sized samples in bags to attract purchases or enhance customer stickiness. Now Yunfei Poetry is focusing on secondary skincare, as the concept of secondary skincare has already penetrated into the user end. Consumers have accepted this type of skincare method of one-time skincare, and secondary skincare has broken away from the dependency of small and medium-sized samples and developed into an independent category.


Innovation and technology

Deeply cultivate the secondary throwing track

As consumers increasingly value the 'safety', 'freshness', 'efficiency', 'minimalism', and 'convenience' of their products, low-dose, high concentration, and powerful secondary products have become the 'hot cakes' in the market, which also indicates that the secondary product economy will usher in a dividend period.



But the market is constantly changing, and consumer demand is also constantly upgrading. In this context, how can Yun Fei Shi seize the opportunity to maintain its advantage in the field of secondary cosmetic OEM?

The person in charge of Yunfei Poetry stated that this cannot be achieved without innovation and technology.

Innovation is continuous. The core competitiveness of Yunfeishi lies in materials and technology. In terms of product appearance design, mold and equipment, it is guaranteed that 1-2 new projects will be filed every year. And through extensive data research, maintain sensitivity to the market. In terms of mold innovation and design, Yunfei Shi almost disregards costs, and whenever there are new guidelines for research and development and manufacturing, it will consider introducing them.




In terms of technology, in May this year, Yunfei Shi established an innovation and research center in South Korea. The Yunfei Poetry Innovation Research and Development Center currently has three research and development personnel from South Korea, as well as two project members based in China, who are jointly responsible for the research and development of new products. Three Korean researchers are all from professional design or packaging companies in South Korea, with 6-10 years of work experience in this field. This time, they will provide a more professional perspective and diverse ideas for the development of new products for secondary packaging, and cooperate with two new project R&D personnel in China to explore the field of secondary packaging.




Although the trend of beauty trends is constantly changing, it is not difficult to predict the excellent performance of secondary cosmetics in the end market. Such a niche category will inevitably break into its own world.

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