How to understand secondary ODM


Do you know what a secondary ODM is? In recent years, the ODM market has been very popular. Among them, ODM can be considered as an emerging hot market in the cosmetics industry. So what is a secondary ODM? Let's take a look together now!


How did secondary ODM arise? In fact, the rise of secondary cosmetics originates from the essence and original liquid categories, leading to the deep binding relationship between the current secondary cosmetics and these two categories. Therefore, input the keyword of 'secondary dumping' in the cosmetics regulatory APP, most of which are original liquid or essence; Similarly, when searching for secondary cosmetics on the shopping platform, almost all of them are secondary essence or original liquid. But in addition to the original liquid and essence, the second toss can also be other.

Seeing this, everyone may still be unfamiliar with the concept of secondary throwing. Simply put, secondary packaging refers to a single independently canned cosmetic product. Why is it called secondary packaging? Because it is thrown one at a time, it is called throwing again. The early products used for the production of drugs appeared in the European market and were highly popular in Europe. Of course, there are also some luxury brands, such as Yayang, which have also been sold.

Is it difficult to throw again? Although there is one at a time, there is also a certain level of technology involved in secondary throwing, also known as BFS blowing, filling, and sealing integrated technology. It is mainly used for aseptic filling in A-grade wind drenching environments. It can complete the bottle blowing, filling, sealing, and even labeling processes in one go, which is very excellent in technology and highly automated. Currently, in the cosmetics industry, the introduction of this equipment in the filling process is among the top, and it is also rare. So in recent years, secondary throwing products have become increasingly familiar to everyone, after all, secondary throwing products are more safe and hygienic. For people with sensitive and damaged skin, using secondary throwing products is better.

So which companies specialize in ODM for secondary dumping? Yunfei Shi Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in ODM for secondary polishing. It is a related ODM company characterized by secondary cosmetic products. The company can produce more than 10 types of secondary cosmetics including AFP three-dimensional aluminum foil, bags, bags, blisters, facial mask cups, ampoules, etc. It is one of the largest secondary cosmetics factories with rich product types in China. If you need to sell ODM for the second time, you can choose this company. We believe that its mature formula and management system accumulated over the years can help the brand achieve better development.

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