What are the significant advantages of secondary processing? Short production cycle and high safety


The packaging of cosmetics is directly related to the safety, use, and aesthetics of cosmetics. Commonly used cosmetic packaging bottles include plastic glass, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. For processing manufacturers, there are problems such as long production cycles, inconsistent matching requirements, and lax quality control. The production process requires a certain amount of effort. Aoyuan Solution is a medical standard sterile product, which can store concentrated essence of cosmetics, and is convenient to carry, efficient and environmentally friendly. Then, reprocessing provides a new packaging material processing method for cosmetic OEM customers, achieving the upgrading of product processing containers and solving various problems such as slow production cycles and uncontrollable quality. In contrast, secondary polishing has many obvious advantages.

1. Short production cycle

Silk taped raw materials are all produced in one go, which basically saves the production time of containers and accessories, and almost compresses the production cycle by half. The cosmetic liquid is directly processed in a sealed area, especially for some newly launched products, which have significant advantages. After passing the inspection of the raw materials, it can be directly filled, with fast speed and high efficiency. A development model for fast selling products in the cosmetics industry has been established.

2. High safety

The packaging container for the secondary liquid is made of medical and environmentally friendly materials, which can be recycled and meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection. For consumers, it is convenient to carry and easy to use, and they do not have to worry about glass containers that may scratch their hands or other hazards, let alone worry about products that may expire due to improper storage after use. The secondary liquid bottle can ensure that the raw materials are in a sterile environment, ensuring the efficacy and environmental safety of the product.


3. Strong technical skills

The secondary throwing liquid ranks among the top in the industry, mastering new cosmetics packaging hormones, representing the development trends of the cosmetics industry. The packaging bottle has a beautiful appearance, is fashionable and simple, and can showcase the taste and culture of the consumer group. The disposable canning method is clean, sterile, environmentally friendly, and high-tech. It adopts an integrated blowing, filling, sealing, and cutting process that allows consumers to use fresh cosmetic raw materials at any time, ensuring safety and health.

The above is the relevant knowledge of sub processing, hoping to help you choose a reliable cosmetics processing manufacturer.

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