Why are secondary cosmetics popular among the public


In recent years, secondary cosmetics have gradually emerged, and many people now purchase some types of secondary cosmetics. In fact, secondary throwing refers to a one-time throwing, and usually the packaging of this type of product uses hoses. So why are cosmetics of the second throw type so popular among the public? Let's take a look together with the editor below!


The editor summarized a few reasons for the popularity of the second throw. Firstly, from the perspective of user thinking, the second throw is very suitable for use when traveling, because bottled cosmetics occupy a lot of space, while the second throw is lightweight and portable, and can be thrown away after one use at a time. The second reason is that the price will be relatively cheap. From the perspective of product cost, cosmetics of the same capacity are more competitive in the market when made into secondary products. Currently, many makeup brands are also producing secondary makeup products. With the popularity of secondary throwing, there are many secondary throwing in different forms on the market, such as facial mask cup, aluminum foil bag, soft capsule and aluminum foil bag. This can also indicate the trend of secondary selling.

When the second throw first appeared, it was in the form of bags, with the original intention of attracting customers and launching them as gifts for the public to try. With the gradual development, the cosmetics cup of the second throw type has become a category. It can be said that our common skin care products and cosmetics can be made into the second throw type, such as liquid foundation, essence, makeup remover, facial cleanser, etc.

Let's take a closer look at the advantages of next throw, which are mainly convenient to carry, how much to carry when going out, and very lightweight. Secondly, it is safer. Secondary throwing is usually in the form of packaging, which can prevent damage from being scratched by glass bottles. The third aspect is that it is more hygienic. According to the editor, the current quantity of each drop on the market is one, ranging from 1ml to 1.5ml, which can avoid the possibility of contamination after opening.

The above is the relevant content about secondary cosmetic products organized by the editor for readers. I believe that after reading the above article, readers will have an understanding of secondary cosmetic products. With the rapid development of secondary cosmetics, we believe that more and more people will choose secondary cosmetics in the future. Let's look forward to it together!

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