What are the effects of customized ampoule essence?


Ampoule essence is a super concentrated essence product with high concentration of active ingredients, which is safe and sterile in a small sealed container. Ampoule essence can intensively care for your skin, quickly supplement nutrition for your skin, relieve inflammation, moisturize and whiten, and improve skin health and vitality. Many women regard it as an emergency skin care product. So, what's the effect of customized ampoule essence?


What is ampoule essence?

Ampoule essence is a concentrated essence, which has moisturizing, repairing, whitening, acne removing, anti-aging, antioxidant and other effects by adding high concentration ingredients with different functions. Ordinary customized ampoule essence will add hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights, which has a good moisturizing effect; Adding high concentrations of vitamin C, niacinamide and other ingredients can whiten and lighten spots; Adding high concentrations of components such as retinol and blue copper peptide can have anti-aging and antioxidant effects; Adding ingredients such as Centella asiatica extract, lidocaine, and ceramide can effectively repair the skin barrier.

Can I use ampoule essence every day?

Because essence liquid is highly concentrated, if it is used every day, it will not produce dependence, but will cause overnutrition of the skin, which is prone to poor skin texture, roughness and fat particles. Due to the fact that they are all small and individually packaged, they must be used up in a short period of time after opening, which can greatly maintain the effectiveness of the active substance and avoid partial component deactivation caused by prolonged opening time. After opening, it is usually only used once or twice, and it is used up within a week, making the dosage easy to control.

How to use ampoule essence?

It is recommended to use it directly after washing your face, because ampoule essence is highly permeable and will be absorbed soon after cleaning, so it is unnecessary to use other skin care products in front. After applying it on the face, gently press the skin, gently pat or massage in circles until it is absorbed, and then apply a little face cream and eye cream.

What is the effect of ampoule essence?

Customized ampoule essence can instantly achieve deep moisturizing and whitening of skin, inhibit oil secretion and astringe the balance of pores, protect and soothe sensitive skin, and make skin healthier. Ampoule essence can achieve good skin care effect in less time, which is equivalent to a first-aid station for skin. It is often used in emergency situations, such as on wedding days and before attending important gatherings, to intensively care for your skin, quickly supplement skin nutritional needs, reduce inflammation, moisturize and whiten, improve skin health and vitality, and quickly restore your skin to a good condition.

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