Why Can Second Throw Cosmetics OEM Become a New Hotspot in the Industry


When it comes to 'second throw', what immediately comes to mind is the daily throw contact lenses. There is a new trend in the industry now. Have you ever understood the second throw skincare products? As a 'new face' with increasing demand in recent years, the appearance rate of secondary cosmetic products is becoming higher and higher. As a promising new category, secondary cosmetic OEM factories are also becoming a new hot spot in the industry.


What is secondary cosmetic OEM? Literally speaking, it refers to the production of disposable skincare products, which has grown based on the demand of today's consumers for portable beauty products. Compared to traditional high-capacity skincare products, disposable cosmetics are small and exquisite, which can achieve a separate packaging for cosmetic products, making daily carrying or travel convenient and cleaner and hygienic.

For office workers who need to travel frequently or consumers with travel needs, the design of disposable skincare products that can be unscrewed and used immediately reduces the luggage burden during long-distance travel, while also avoiding the worry of product breakage or being rejected during boarding security due to excessive capacity. Therefore, the secondary cosmetic factory has become a new track in the industry.

However, in order to compete in the top few in an industry, it is necessary to constantly update, iterate, and innovate. Here we will talk about Yunfei Shi Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. There are some secondary products on the market that are very cheap, but the production environment of the products is not standardized, and the production technology is not up to standard, resulting in poor sealing of the packaging, which is easy to cause pollution or deterioration, thereby affecting efficacy, and even causing serious product safety issues. In the view of Yunfei Shi, qualified production hardware is a fundamental thing for every secondary production enterprise. It is important not to ignore investment in the research and development field in order to truly promote the maturity of such a new category.

When most of the products on the market last time were essence, and the appearance homogenization was serious, Yunfeishi took a different approach. It not only developed materials that can be filled with oil formulations, but also used them as the packaging of water, milk, cream, oil and other formulations, and has covered skin care, color makeup, body care, hair care and other categories.

In addition, the appearance of secondary throwing products has also been carefully designed. At present, the developed five categories of secondary throwing products, namely, bag secondary throwing, blister secondary throwing, facial mask cup secondary throwing, ampoule secondary throwing and AFP three-dimensional aluminum foil secondary throwing, have nearly 300 sets of public molds, greatly enriching the choice of secondary throwing products in appearance.

Secondary cosmetics not only capture the behavioral psychology of consumers, but also lead the development of the industry. Choosing experienced, pursuing, and high-quality OEM factories is a manifestation of conscience towards consumers and the market. If you have any needs, welcome to consult.

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