The cosmetics company actually made this product in order to increase sales


From ancient rouge and water powder to a wide range of makeup products today. With the development of the times, people have more and more choices, and due to the widespread production of products, cosmetics are no longer something that only nobles can afford. Nowadays, a product is still classified into capacity levels, and there is no need to purchase formal attire all at once. You can buy some small samples to try out and only purchase large capacity products when you find them useful.


So now there is the birth of the term 'secondary cosmetic'. This type of packaging is not the bottled products we usually use, it is usually packaged using hoses. On the one hand, it is convenient for consumers to travel, travel, and carry when going out; On the other hand, merchants aim to attract new customers and increase the transaction rate of their products. Some new customers may have doubts about products they or their friends have not used before. But if I want to give it a try, I suddenly have to buy formal clothes and feel that it's too bad. If it doesn't suit me, I'll feel like I'm wasting my money. So the birth of secondary cosmetics is easy for businesses to attract new customer groups and increase the exposure of their own brands; For consumers, taking the step of trying is not a big deal, and even if they feel that the product is not suitable for them, they will not feel heartbroken.


Moreover, the rise of this industry has also driven economic development and increased social employment rates. Once the demand for a brand increases, then one's own factory will definitely not be able to get busy and will seek cooperation with some OEM factories. With the development of technology, many factories' OEM technology has also become very mature. Therefore, for some consumers, they don't need to worry too much about whether the OEM products will be different from the materials used in the original factory, and if they are not good for themselves.

Nowadays, consumers' consumption patterns are gradually changing, and secondary cosmetics are gradually becoming a necessity for consumers. For brands, the increase in sales of small samples is also profitable, and they are not worried about whether formal clothing will be sold. With a new sales route, it's too late to be happy. So, the times will gradually change, including the ideas of the masses and brands. We need to change our sales thinking in a timely manner according to different times in order to do better and better.

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