FAQ of customized ampoule essence


Everyone may be familiar with essence, but many friends are unfamiliar with Ampoule essence. 'Ampoule' is a homonym of 'ampule' in English, and 'ampule' is a sealed small glass bottle. So it can be said that 'ampoule essence' refers to the essence packaged in the 'ampule', which is just the distinctive packaging form. Today, we will learn about customized ampoule essence from the following three aspects.


1、 Is ampoule essence good for skin?

Ampoule essence generally has whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging, repair and other effects according to different ingredients. Ampoule essence can immediately reach the deep skin for moisturizing and whitening. At the same time, it also has a certain protective and soothing effect on sensitive skin, making the skin healthier. Hyaluronic acid is hyaluronic acid, which can improve the nutritional metabolism of the skin, make it soft and smooth, and prevent aging. It is also a good transdermal absorption promoter while moisturizing. When used in combination with other nutrients, it can better promote nutrient absorption and achieve a more ideal effect.


2、 Why is Anping so popular?

Because of their high appearance! Glass ampoules are like specialized pharmaceutical bottles in the laboratory, looking very clean and simple, making people feel at ease when using them. Because of its high cost-effectiveness! The fully enclosed bottle body design can completely isolate the air and prevent the oxidation of ampoule essence ingredients in contact with the air, which can be said to be very safe and convenient. A more suitable ampoule would use a brown body to block ultraviolet rays, prevent nutrient loss, and ensure the effective activity of the nutrients in the bottle.

3、 Which step is ampoule essence used in?

Xiao'an bottle of essence can be used behind the water emulsion, after the face cleaning, or alone behind the toner. Its use steps are very flexible, not necessarily at a fixed time. The basic requirement for the use sequence is to clean the face, as long as the face is clean, you can use it. Its usage is the same as that of essence lotion. First open it, pour it on the palm of your hand, then apply it from the corner of your mouth to the corner of your eyes to the whole face, and then gently cover your face with your palm to press. If you can absorb it well, you can use other skin care products depending on your own situation.

The above are the three frequently asked questions and answers about customized ampoule essence, hoping to help you better understand and use this product.

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