Precautions for use of customized ampoule essence


Customized ampoule essence is actually a kind of concentrated essence without antiseptic sterile vacuum packaging, which is used for skin care and beauty. Because of its outstanding skin care effect, it attracts a large number of beauty lovers. But many consumers still know little about this new type of beauty and skincare product, so is it suitable for daily use? What are the precautions when using it?


1、 Can I use ampoule essence every day?

Ampoule is a highly concentrated and active essence, because ampoule is also known as ampoule essence. Many people mistakenly believe that ampoule essence has higher concentration and activity than ordinary essence, which can restore the skin to a better state in a short time, because it is not recommended to use it every day. In fact, with the refinement of the public's demand for skin care, there are many ampoule essence that can be used every day, which is a regular single product for daily skin care, but there are also some ampoule essence that can be used every day, so we still need to select the appropriate ampoule essence according to the effect description of essence, which is the king's way.

2、 Precautions for use of ampoule essence?

1. The use order of ampoule essence is different

Most ampoule essence solutions are used after facial cleansing and skin toning, while special ampoule essence solutions, such as MARTIDERM ampoule, can achieve better results after facial cleansing.

2. Ampoule essence liquid cannot be used as a substitute for lotion or lotion

Many people mistakenly believe that after using ampoule essence, they do not need to use follow-up lotion, day and night cream and other products. You should know that if you do not use lotion or cream skin care products, the nutrition contained in ampoule essence is easy to lose, and the skin care effect is greatly reduced. This is because lotion or creams are very important for skin maintenance because they can lock water and moisturize.

3. Ampoule essence liquid and skin base liquid are different skin care products

In many people's misunderstanding, if you use muscle floor fluid, you don't need to use ampoule essence, but this is totally wrong. Muscle floor fluid is actually just a kind of essence water, which can really help the absorption of subsequent nutrients, including the high concentration nutrients contained in ampoule essence, but it is not equal to essence fluid.


The above are some precautions for the use of customized ampoule essence, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Additionally, it should be noted that ampoules are individually vacuum packaged. In addition to controlling the dosage, it is also recommended to use them as Chai Jiyong to achieve greater skin care and repair effects.

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