The advantages of secondary cosmetics


We all have this experience in our daily lives, where individually packaged small bags of biscuits are much more convenient to consume and store than large packaged biscuits. This independent packaging can be understood as secondary packaging. As an independent category, Subo has begun to take shape, and the fast-paced urban life has given rise to new growth points for various industries, including cosmetics. Subo cosmetics have conquered many new generations of consumers with their high recognition, exquisite and compact, and hygienic and portable characteristics. Today, let's learn about the advantages of using makeup next time.


1. Facilitate product promotion

For the brand side, the previous use of secondary packaging for product samples was mainly aimed at reducing consumers' cost of trying new products, and now secondary packaging products can also meet this demand. In recent years, people's consumption ability has declined, and some brand customers have tried to produce small and medium-sized secondary products, which can allow consumers to try products at lower costs.


2. It has high convenience

Another major advantage of the secondary product is its convenience. Especially in outdoor scenarios such as business trips and trips, people tend to prefer portable secondary products. For example, the previously popular makeup remover wipes actually combine makeup remover and wipes to create a secondary product, solving the pain points of large bottles of makeup remover that are difficult to carry during travel.

3. Improved product efficacy

In addition, secondary throwing is not only a change in appearance and packaging, but also can greatly affect the realization of product efficacy. The packaging form of secondary throwing has strong airtightness and can isolate contact with the external environment, thus effectively protecting the effectiveness of active substances in cosmetics. Through relevant tests, it was found that the same active substance was loaded into the packaging and the general packaging, and after three months, the activity of the active substance in the packaging was stronger.

Secondary cosmetics are products that are easier to achieve quantitative and targeted use. In the past, most cosmetics did not have strict requirements for a single use, but in reality, in order to fully utilize the product's benefits, there should be a clear usage amount. If only relevant prompts are provided on the packaging, it is difficult for consumers to control the dosage on their own. The secondary product already has a fixed usage amount during filling, making it easy for consumers to maximize the effectiveness of each usage amount.

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