What is a secondary ODM? What are the advantages?


I believe everyone has heard of the term 'tossing', but its meaning is not complicated. It means tossing one at a time. Nowadays, there are many cosmetics that are tossed multiple times on the market. Unlike traditional bottled cosmetics, these products mostly use soft packaging, which makes packaging costs lower and usage more convenient. For consumers, purchasing secondary products also has many benefits, making it more convenient to experience new products. Below, we will introduce the meaning and advantages of ODM for secondary products.


1、 What is ODM

When it comes to ODM, many people may not quite understand, and only industry insiders know what this term means. In fact, it is an English abbreviation, which means original design manufacturer when translated into Chinese. Currently, there is a great market demand for secondary ODM, and service providers can provide customers with one-stop product manufacturing services, covering all aspects from product development to design, manufacturing, and post maintenance.

2、 The advantages of ODM

Nowadays, more and more enterprises are simplifying their business structure, usually outsourcing non core business to third parties, so that they can focus more resources and energy on core business. The secondary ODM is actually providing services to enterprises in this area. When enterprises need to outsource non core business, they can entrust the entire process work to these service providers, without complex processes, and can also make the core business competitiveness of the enterprise stronger.

3、 Future development trends

In the early days, many domestic enterprises followed the OEM model, but now with increasing market competition pressure, the ODM model has undoubtedly become a better choice. Currently, ODM has developed very well, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. In the future, this service will be further optimized to provide customers with a better experience. We believe that more and more enterprises will choose this model.

From multiple perspectives, the advantages brought by secondary ODM to enterprises are very obvious, effectively improving their profit margin and giving them more energy to develop core businesses and improve their competitiveness in the market.

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