Why Pioneer Yunfei Shi Continuously Leads the Way with the Second Throwing of Dividends


No matter when, 'the production of enterprises has never left the demand of the market

In recent years, the rise and explosion of secondary products with consumer demand is a typical example.

According to relevant data, the number of secondary product filings in 2020 has reached 476, a 31 fold increase, and the number of filings in 2021 has also shown a rapid growth trend.

Behind the high growth is strong consumer demand being supported.

If a brand wants to continuously and accurately seize opportunities, it is bound to seek cooperation with supply chain enterprises that can achieve focus and professionalism in the field of sub OEM.

Therefore, the first choice for the brand is to be able to meet or create the demand for secondary products, and to ensure their continuous development and update iterations.

Among them, Yunfeishi Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Yunfeishi') is one of the top pick brands among them.

It is reported that Yun Fei Shi, a cosmetics OEM/ODM development/production enterprise that focuses on creative products, continues to seize the highland of secondary packaging for cosmetics. In 2021 alone, the growth rate in the secondary packaging field reached 70% -80%, indicating a bright future.

What did it do right behind the scenes?


During a conversation with Yu Yi, the general manager of Yunfei Shi Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., C2CC media reporters discovered the secret to becoming a pioneer.

Driven by creativity, the development of the secondary cosmetic OEM field,

Yunfei Poetry Achieves Pioneer Status

The excellence and success of Yunfei's poetry are not achieved overnight, but rather through accumulation and accumulation.

At the beginning of the interview, Yu Yi admitted, 'When we were established in 2008, we initially appeared in the cosmetics industry with the positioning of 'focusing on filling small samples in ordinary bags and bags'


Since 2010, Yunfei Poetry has been experiencing a continuous transformation in creativity. At that time, it introduced Korean equipment and became a revolutionary in the development of special-shaped bag filling bag products.

In the field of secondary polishing cosmetics OEM, Yunfei Shi not only developed bullet ampoules in 2017, seizing the first wave of plastic ampoule vents to usher in the era of high efficiency secondary polishing, but also developed three-dimensional aluminum foil AFP packaging in 2018. It is worth mentioning that this patented equipment is exclusive in China.

Based on the relevant data of the secondary product registration, although the track chosen by Yunfei Shi is narrow, its product planning and layout can be considered quite forward-looking.


For example, in 2017, when only 15 new 'secondary throwing' beauty products were registered in China, they seized the high ground of high efficiency secondary throwing with bullets.

In 2018, when the number of product filings increased rapidly, it independently developed AFP products from equipment to materials/molds, which to some extent boosted the development of the efficacy skincare market.

It is precisely because of Yunfei Shi's forward-looking layout in the field of sub polishing cosmetics outsourcing that it drives the development of the enterprise in the field of sub polishing outsourcing through creativity. With its precise drilling and deep cultivation in the field of cosmetics manufacturing, it has achieved its positioning as a pioneer.

According to Yu Yi, in 2021, there were 384 cooperative clients for secondary outsourcing and outsourcing, with an average of one new client added per week since the beginning of this year. The company currently has over 400 sets of molds, and is expected to invest over 80 new molds throughout 2022. In the past two years, we will also strengthen cooperation with international brands, establish ourselves domestically and move towards the world, which is the future development trend.

When asked by a C2CC media reporter about Yunfei Shi's differentiated advantages in the field of secondary cosmetic OEM, he bluntly said, 'Although we have chosen a narrow track, with the joint efforts of professional and technical talents in equipment, mold, and material development, as well as other teams, we have widened this narrow path.


In terms of brand service, he stated that Yunfei Shi will not only provide the brand with early product planning, packaging advice, free mold development, and support for a minimum order quantity of 10000 in the early stage, but also actively expand production capacity through factory expansion and continuous investment in equipment, in order to flexibly respond to customer needs and provide the maximum guarantee of production capacity when the brand explodes.

Therefore, in the exploration of the field of secondary foundry, Yunfei Poetry, which always adheres to the concept of 'no one has me, no one has me superior', can continuously achieve performance breakthroughs.


Yu Yi revealed to the C2CC media reporter that in the cooperation with customers in 2021, many popular products were born. Taking the three categories of blisters, AFP, and plastic facial mask cups and facial mask as examples, the annual shipment of many brand customers exceeded 10 million pieces. From this, it can be seen that Yunfei Poetry has strong capabilities in innovative design and supply.

A rhyme poem that broadens the narrow path,

How to solidify the position of a leader in secondary foundry in the future?

As consumers increasingly value the 'safety', 'freshness', 'efficiency', 'minimalism', and 'convenience' of their products, low-dose, high concentration, and powerful secondary products have become the 'hot cakes' in the market, which also indicates that the secondary product economy will usher in a dividend period.

But the market is constantly changing, and consumer demand is also constantly upgrading. In this situation, as a pioneer in the field of secondary cosmetic OEM, how can Yun Fei Shi seize the opportunity and continue to consolidate its leading position?

Innovation, technology. 'These are two keywords given by Yu Yi in an interview.


C2CC media reporters are deeply convinced. It is undeniable that innovation is the driving force for enterprise development at all times. So, where does the innovation of Yunfei's poetry come from?

Innovation is sustainable, and our core competitiveness lies in materials and technology. Therefore, we have 1-2 new projects filed every year regarding packaging patents, mold equipment innovation, and new secondary product categories. What Yunfei Shi needs to do is to have what others don't have, and I have what others have. 'Yu Yi replied.

It is understood that in terms of mold innovation and design, Yunfei Shi almost disregards costs. Whenever there are new guidelines for research and development and manufacturing, it will consider introducing them.

In addition, as the main segment of Yunfei Shi's current service category, the second form of outsourcing products is bag packaging, bubble wrap, AFP, strip packaging, ampoules, makeup removal wipes, etc.

Among them, AFP products that emphasize timely and quantitative fresh packaging have a particularly strong rise momentum. Yu Yi stated that in the future, Yunfei Poetry will continue to focus on innovation in secondary product categories based on consumer demand insights.

We will firmly strive to improve and refine the OEM of secondary polishing cosmetics, and broaden the narrow path. Therefore, we are willing to invest more energy, manpower, material resources, financial resources, etc. to continue to strengthen our position in the field of secondary polishing cosmetics OEM, and make everyone think of Yunfei Shi the first time they want to do secondary polishing, 'he emphasized.

At the end of the interview, Yu Yi told C2CC media reporters that what Yunfei Poetry needs to do is to increase customers' choices; When the demand is not met, provide customized and personalized production.


In short, by satisfying or creating needs, it continuously emits light and heat.

Professional craftsmanship, steady and ambitious. We have reason to believe that under the continuous upward trend of the secondary polishing economy and the better development soil for supply chain enterprises, Yunfei Poetry, with its forward-looking thinking and creative product advantages, will continue to shine brightly in the field of secondary polishing cosmetics OEM and usher in a greater explosion.

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