The second throw of cosmetics has been upgraded!


In the beauty market, the demand for safe, effective, and convenient use of products has made products that meet fast-paced consumption scenarios highly favored by the market. With the characteristics of convenient portability, safety and efficiency, and aseptic preservation, Subo has become a 'rising star'.

With changes in the market and policies, secondary cosmetics will also face new upgrades in terms of efficacy, packaging materials, and packaging forms.

The second product was on fire

With the accelerated pace of life, increased travel demand, and consumers' rejection of preservatives, essence and other ingredients, the highly active, high-purity, and high freshness second throw cosmetics with small packaging, single tube sealing, and avoiding repeated opening are favored by the market.

It is understood that since 2018, the number of filings for secondary products has been rapidly increasing. In 2017, there were only 15 new filings for secondary products. As of now, entering 'secondary filings' in the cosmetics regulatory app shows that there have been 1972 filings.

In addition to Runbaiyan, the first brand with fire throwing products, is still constantly innovating its products. At present, brands such as Peraya, Yunifang, Fuljia, and Kefumei have also launched secondary throwing skin care products such as secondary throwing liquid, secondary throwing essence, secondary throwing lotion, and secondary throwing facial mask.

All kinds of consumption big data show that the secondary market performs well in the end market. On Tmall, several brands sell more than 10000 pieces of second throw products every month, and more than 50000 notes about the essence of the second throw on the Little Red Book. How did the secondary product rapidly grow into a 'phenomenon level' category of cosmetics? The reasons mainly stem from three aspects.

Yu Yi, the general manager of Yunfei Shi Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which focuses on secondary ODM disposal, said that firstly, convenience is something that some bottle and can products in the past cannot replace. The second is the overall environment. In the past two years, due to the epidemic, consumers have attached great importance to health and public health, and this disposal is more in line with safety and hygiene requirements.

Secondly, with the successive release of cosmetics regulations last year and the tightening of regulations, cosmetic efficacy claims need to be evaluated for efficacy claims. However, due to its good sealing performance, secondary products will have better protection against active substances. At the same time, using one or half of the products at a time with a fixed quantity for each throw also reduces the effect of discount caused by insufficient or inaccurate usage.

Unlike the vast majority of comprehensive cosmetics foundries, Yunfeishi is one of the few companies in the industry that focuses on secondary products. In the past two years, after rapid development, it has become a large-scale secondary product processing factory in China.

At present, many OEM factories on the market only cater to the market and do secondary packaging for secondary packaging, 'Yu Yi said. Yun Fei Shi started with small sample packaging at the beginning of its establishment, and had been doing small sample packaging for many years when there was no concept of secondary packaging in the market. So, we have redefined the concept of secondary packaging

It is reported that Yunfeishi was founded in 2008. The factory is located in Zhuangxing Park, Fengxian Oriental Meigu Park, Shanghai. At present, there are two factories. The product types include AFP secondary throwing and filling package, bag filling package, blister filling package, facial mask cup filling package, strip filling package, bullet ampoule, etc. The production capacity will reach 500 million tubes in 2021, a new high since the establishment of the factory.

Due to the diverse types of secondary products, diverse packaging, and flexible business methods, in the past two years, Yunfei Shi has gradually increased its customers in the Chinese market, including brand based customers such as Vinona, Lifetime Research, Cainiao, and formulators, as well as factory based customers such as Kesimeishi, Yingteli, and Kema.

Thanks to the popularity of the secondary sales market, Yunfeishi's performance also ushered in rapid development. In the cooperation with customers in 2021, many popular products were born. Taking the three categories of blisters, AFP, plastic facial mask cups and facial mask as an example, the annual shipment of many brand customers exceeded 10 million pieces.

Establishing a research and development center in South Korea to promote packaging innovation

The dividend period for the secondary market seems to have arrived. Compared to normal skincare products, the development of secondary skincare products not only innovates the material formula, but also determines the direction of its research and development due to the nature of secondary skincare. It also focuses on innovation in packaging form.

Yu Yi said, 'The research and development of secondary packaging is a relatively macro issue, which requires comprehensive consideration of packaging materials, material characteristics, forming methods, filling methods, production processes, and other issues. It requires close cooperation in multiple links and also tests the comprehensive quality of research and development personnel

To strengthen the development of new products for secondary polishing, accelerate product iteration, and accelerate the development of the Chinese secondary polishing cosmetics market. In May of this year, Yunfei Shi established an innovation and research center in South Korea.

It is understood that the production technology of Yunfei Poetry was first introduced from South Korea. This choice to establish a research and development center in South Korea can be said to be based on the previous foundation and precipitation.

Yu Yi told Blue Eyes, 'Three to five years ago, Korean makeup was very popular in China. Nowadays, Korean makeup still has certain advantages in packaging innovation and other aspects. We hope to not only limit our innovation perspective to China.' According to him, the Korean R&D center may learn from Japanese products and do some innovation in the future. And this is also the main purpose of establishing the Korean Innovation Research Institute Center.

He also mentioned that in China, innovation will also be carried out through cross-border forms, such as innovatively applying packaging in the fields of food and medicine to secondary products.

It is understood that the Yunfei Poetry Innovation Research and Development Center currently has three South Korean researchers and two project members based in China, who are jointly responsible for the research and development of new products.

Yu Yi introduced that the three Korean researchers are all from professional design or packaging companies in South Korea, with 6-10 years of work experience in this field. This time, they will provide a more professional perspective and diverse ideas for the development of new products for secondary packaging, and cooperate with two new project R&D personnel in China to explore the field of secondary packaging.

At present, the South Korean R&D center has started the research and development of packaging equipment, and it is expected that new projects will be launched this year. In addition, in the early stage, we will do everything including patents, 'Yu Yi revealed.

Strong momentum, paying attention to environmental trends

For a long time, innovation has been the soul of Yunfei poetry. Based on the pursuit of the work principle of 'no one has me, no one has me, and I am the best', the innovation and unique competitiveness of Yunfei Poetry products are guaranteed. It is reported that Yunfei Poetry has new projects approved every month to ensure the launch of new products, which also allows it to accumulate a large public model database.

Yu Yi believes that this sell-off is not a temporary heat, and there will still be a sustained growth in the next 2-3 years. Therefore, Yunfei Shi's innovation in secondary products will not be limited to packaging, but will continue to innovate in equipment, materials, and other aspects to create better products.

In terms of secondary equipment, Yu Yi told Qingyan that currently, there are generally more imported equipment introduced in China, but self-developed equipment will be the core strategy of Yunfei Poetry. Due to the large number of production categories in Yunfei Shici, equipment development will be carried out based on a market hotspot or idea in the later stage.

At the same time, in an era where natural ecology and environmental protection are actively promoted in various fields, the beauty industry is no exception. For example, many domestic and foreign beauty brands have made sustainable development an important strategy for their companies, and in recent years, many organic beauty brands have also emerged. It can be said that currently, environmentally friendly beauty is prevalent, and sustainable development is fermenting.

Yu Yi believes that more environmentally friendly secondary products are also the future trend. Compared to other cosmetics categories, secondary disposal generates less waste and is relatively better at degradation compared to other materials such as glass bottles. For example, some small sample bottles have complex process designs, which are only for the pursuit of new and unique effects. From an environmental perspective, such products cannot withstand scrutiny and are relatively wasteful.

For this reason, Yunfei Poetry advocates the concept of environmental protection in product design, and will also consider environmental protection when innovating material design in the future

In addition, Yu Yi revealed that he will continue to optimize the secondary production environment, achieve higher levels of automation, and further improve quality standards. After the completion of the new product, Yunfei Shi will not only recommend the product to the brand, but also go to the factory to promote and cooperate, in order to achieve a win-win situation.

Although the trend of beauty trends is constantly changing, it is not difficult to predict that the spring of secondary cosmetics has just arrived through the investment of brands and Yunfei Shi in secondary cosmetics.

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