Introduction to Secondary ODM


The full English name of ODM is Original Design Manufacturer, which directly defines it as an original design manufacturer. The original design manufacturer is a production method entrusted by the purchaser to the manufacturer to provide all services from research and development, design, production, and post maintenance. The purchaser is responsible for sales, and the purchaser usually authorizes its brand to allow the manufacturer to produce any products with that brand.


The manufacturers who undertake design and manufacturing business are also known as ODM manufacturers, and their products are also called ODM products. The major difference between ODM and OEM is that OEM only performs OEM production, while ODM manufacturers provide one-stop services from design to production, and buyers can directly label and sell. The major benefit of doing so is that the latter reduces their own research and development time. Below, Yunfei Shi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. will explain to you what is a secondary ODM.

What is the second throw? The meaning of secondary throwing is 'one throw at a time'. The packaging of this type of skincare product is not very similar to the bottled skincare products we usually use. Secondary throwing is usually packaged using hoses, which can be explained as sterile filling technology. Secondary throwing plays a significant role in cosmetics, as it can protect the product from microbial contamination and extend its shelf life.

Secondary products have become one of the popular categories in live streaming e-commerce channels. However, as a new category, many businesses want to create a series of secondary products for their brands. However, in the face of the ever-changing market, the pace of product launch sometimes determines the success or failure of the product. If we rely on our own research and development, production, and operation from the beginning, it will greatly consume time and business energy. When everything is ready, It is highly likely that a significant market share has been lost.

Choosing the secondary ODM model is an extremely good choice for merchants. Simply selecting the right product can enable merchants to provide R&D, design, and post maintenance services through the original design manufacturer. Merchants only need to prepare for the operation and sales of their products before and after launch, which can be said to be worry and effort saving.

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