Advantages of Secondary Cosmetics


In recent years, secondary cosmetics have become increasingly popular among domestic beauty enthusiasts, as well as among cosmetics brands and ODM factories. We can simply understand 'throwing one at a time' as' throwing one at a time '. What are its special advantages that can capture the hearts of fairies who are increasingly rational consumers? Below, Yunfei Shi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. will answer your questions.


1. Minimal formula, savior for sensitive skin

The second throwing bottle blowing, filling and sealing packaging forms are all made in one go under aseptic conditions, and its formula is extremely simple and gentle, without any ingredients that are easily allergic, such as essence, preservatives, pigments, alcohol, etc., which is especially suitable for sensitive skin fairies. Research has shown that most fairy maidens nowadays believe that their skin is more sensitive and prone to allergies when they are not moving, and secondary discharge has undoubtedly become the savior of sensitive skin fairy maidens.

2. Convenient to carry, essential for home travel

Ordinary skincare products are packaged in bottles and cans of different shapes, which takes up a lot of space during travel and is very inconvenient to carry. And secondary throwing can effectively solve this problem, as it has the advantages of unified specifications, unified packaging, and easy portability. In order to meet the different skincare needs of the fairy, you can choose the original solution with whitening, acne removal, freckle removal, hydration, and anti-aging effects in the secondary skincare. Therefore, the secondary skincare is a necessary skincare product for both home use and travel.

3. High safety, meeting the needs of medical beauty and skincare

Nowadays, many skincare products on the domestic market claim to be medical grade cosmetics, and even some of the products of international first tier brands are promoted in this way. However, in reality, this is just an advertising gimmick. The product has not been applied to medical grade equipment for production, and the second product is different from ordinary products. It completes the entire production process under sterile and pollution-free A-level protection, So it can fully meet the needs of medical beauty and skincare.

With advanced experience and technology accumulated in the field of secondary polishing products, Yunfei Poetry has become a service provider for many international brands, well-known local brands such as Baicaoji, Naturaltang, Perleya, Winona, and cutting-edge brands such as Misskin, Sancao Liangmu, Lifetime Research, Cainiao, and formulators.

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