What is the development prospect of secondary cosmetics?


With the accelerating pace of life, the increasing demand for travel, and the increasing knowledge of modern women in the field of skincare, they pursue the high activity and freshness of skincare products. Secondary packaging, as a sterile packaging technology in recent years, has been deeply loved by girls. In fact, secondary packaging technology has been widely applied in the pharmaceutical industry's product packaging technology. At the beginning, the second throw was originated from the skin care category of essence, which is convenient for the one-time storage of essence, stock solution and other products. The use is cleaner, more efficient and convenient, and the dosage is more stable. It can largely achieve aseptic interference, and is very suitable for use in skin care and cosmetics.


In the past, girls always had to bring various skincare and makeup bags with them when going out, which was particularly inconvenient. At critical moments, they couldn't find a certain cosmetic, which not only wasted time but also affected the mood of travel. Now that you have a chance to throw cosmetics, you no longer need to worry about carrying a pile of cosmetics out of the house. You can enjoy beautiful moments well. So what should be paid attention to when using secondary packaging for cosmetics? The first is to break through the original category restrictions and enrich the types of secondary cosmetics, such as secondary liquid foundation, secondary stationary cosmetics, etc. Secondly, when using secondary makeup, we must pay attention to whether it is convenient to use, such as whether it is easy to tear with one hand, and whether it can be used in scenarios where makeup can be quickly applied outside.

More relevant people have bluntly stated that the research and development of secondary packaging is a relatively macro and specific innovative research and development. It is necessary to consider customized secondary packaging for different properties of skincare products or cosmetics, as well as material characteristics, molding methods, filling methods, production processes, etc., combined with cost considerations, which greatly tests the comprehensive quality of research and development personnel. This is also a certain challenge for the development of secondary throwing.

Second throw cosmetics are not a sudden development, but an innovative product that has adapted to the needs of modern women through long-term sedimentation. It is believed that in the next few years, people will still have an expected growth in second throw cosmetics, which will have good prospects in product packaging, equipment innovation, material renovation, and other aspects, and will inject a continuous stream of vitality into the cosmetics industry.

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