Find Yunfei Shi for cosmetics processing


Why do cosmetics need to be made in a secondary style? Firstly, secondary cosmetics are very popular among consumers due to their user oriented approach, which involves using them one at a time. Take liquid foundation for example. When traveling in the past, liquid foundation in glass bottles was not only heavy and took up space, but also very easy to be broken, which made many users very worried. Now liquid foundation has also been thrown and loaded for several times. It's very light. So you see, portability is the obvious advantage of disposable cosmetics, which is the original intention of many brands to develop this category. Furthermore, as more and more internet celebrities and traffic celebrities switch to live streaming sales, this style of cosmetics is very popular and has a clear differentiation from those well-known brands. So there are already manufacturers in China that have outsourced the processing of secondary cosmetic products.


Secondly, secondary cosmetics have obvious price advantages. From the perspective of product cost, cosmetics with the same capacity can be made into secondary cosmetics with more competitive market prices. Observing the cosmetics market in recent years, secondary cosmetics have sprung up like mushrooms, with more and more diverse forms. Almost all well-known brands are creating secondary cosmetics in the design of aluminum foil bags, three-dimensional aluminum foil, facial mask cups, and soft capsules, which further proves that exquisite secondary cosmetics are the trend of the times.

Yunfei Shi is a well-known one-stop service provider in China that specializes in providing secondary cosmetic processing. Yunfei Shi's soft bags are packaged in an integrated filling method, which is efficient and conducive to logistics and transportation, saving costs for enterprises, and also convenient for consumers to carry out on the consumer end. The secondary polishing types of soft bags include more than ten processing modes, including AFP three-dimensional aluminum foil processing, bag packaging, strip packaging, bubble mask, facial mask, makeup remover, and so on. The secondary throwing of hard packaging belongs to non integrated filling packaging, where the forming of packaging materials and the filling of material bodies are two independent processes that do not affect each other. Its advantages are high flexibility and rich combination forms. Hard bag secondary throwing products mainly include: customized ampoule essence liquid, facial mask cup, etc. Makeup pen products are another unique category of Yunfei Poetry besides secondary throwing. According to the functional use, Yunfeishi's pen products include eyebrow pens, eyeliner gel pens, silkworm laying pens, high gloss pens, lipliner, etc. And we also provide makeup pen processing services.

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