Which company is strong in cosmetics ODM?


With the rise of live streaming sales and the improvement of domestic cosmetic technology, more and more cosmetic ODM demands are expanding. Yunfei Shi Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, and its factory is located in Zhuangxing Industrial Park, Fengxian District, Shanghai. It is an ODM company characterized by secondary cosmetic products. The company can produce more than 10 types of secondary cosmetics including AFP three-dimensional aluminum foil, bags, bags, blisters, facial mask cups, ampoules, etc. It is one of the largest secondary cosmetics factories with rich product types in China.


Yunfei Shi first has strong grinding tool development capabilities, with over 300 sets of foam cover and aluminum foil bag packaging molds, providing diversified choices for brand development products. In addition, Yunfei Shi has rich upstream and downstream industry chain resources, which can provide customers with customized services for molds and help them create differentiated products from the source. Yunfei Shi's cooperation model is very flexible, supporting both customer supplied packaging materials and providing customization and procurement services for packaging materials. Yunfei Poetry maintains close cooperation with over 80 domestic and foreign cosmetic packaging suppliers, linking upstream resources and presenting solutions to downstream markets. Yunfei Shijian has two self owned factories, covering an area of 16 acres and employing over 500 employees. We have 28 secondary cosmetic production lines with an annual production capacity of 800 million units, providing a full chain service from production, warehousing to transportation, and are a representative in the ODM field of cosmetics.

In summary, Yunfei Poetry has the one-stop in-depth customization capability of ODM for cosmetics. At the same time, in terms of quality control, Yunfei Poetry has a quality team of more than 60 people responsible for quality control throughout the entire life cycle of cosmetics, from raw materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products to finished product inspection, layer by layer. Based on years of quality management experience, Yunfei Poetry is equipped with a packaging and compatibility testing team, as well as a physical, chemical, and microbiological testing team. We have established a rigorous system for health management, incoming inspection, and sample retention to help customers manage cosmetics compliance. With a flexible business philosophy, Yunfei Poetry links the upstream and downstream of the industry, serving brand and OEM customers. As of 2022, Yunfei Poetry has provided production services to over 400 customers.

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