Manufacturer of customized ampoule essence


Most girls are fond of beauty, which has led to the rapid development of the cosmetics industry and the emergence of various cosmetics manufacturers. Now, essence liquid is also very popular with girls, and various essence liquid can be seen everywhere in the market, as well as manufacturers. Some essence manufacturers only produce essence, and essence ampoules are often outsourced to manufacturers specializing in the production of ampoule essence. What are the manufacturers of customized ampoule essence?


The secondary packaging of hard packaging belongs to non integrated filling packaging, where the forming of packaging materials and the filling of material bodies are two independent processes that do not affect each other; The secondary packaging of soft bags adopts an integrated filling packaging method, which has high production efficiency and is conducive to logistics transportation, saving costs for enterprises, and is also convenient for consumers to carry out on the consumer end. Today we are going to talk about the hard package secondary throwing, that is, ampoule essence. Ampoule essence is an ultra concentrated essence product with high concentration of active ingredients. It is safe and sterile when placed in small containers with sealed packaging. Since ampoule essence can quickly supplement the nutrition missing from the skin, many women use it as a first-aid skin care product. The use method of ampoule essence is similar to that of soft bag secondary throwing. Generally, it is: 1. Thoroughly clean the face and then use appropriate soothing water to open the pores of the skin and help the skin absorb; 2. Rub your hands until the temperature reaches a certain temperature, evenly apply the ampoule essence on your face and the part to be smeared, and continue to circle with your palm until the essence is completely absorbed; 3. Use lotion such as moisturizers to maintain facial moisture and nutrition, and avoid water loss.


Now there are many customized ampoule essence solutions in the market, so when choosing a customized manufacturer, we should distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of each manufacturer, and choose a manufacturer with big brands and reputation. Yunfeishi Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a good manufacturer. Yunfeishi was founded in 2008, and the factory is located in Zhuangxing Industrial Park, Fengxian District, Shanghai. It is an ODM company with secondary cosmetics as its characteristics. The company can produce more than 10 types of secondary cosmetics including AFP three-dimensional aluminum foil, bags, bags, blisters, facial mask cups, ampoules, etc. It is one of the largest secondary cosmetics factories with rich product types in China.

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