What should I consider when choosing a secondary cosmetic manufacturer?


In recent years, secondary cosmetics have inevitably become an emerging market in the cosmetics industry. Obviously, the rise of secondary throwing originated from essence and original liquid, but it has developed to the present. Now there are many types on the market, far more than essence and original liquid. This will open up unlimited space in the market. In this vast space, many friends are looking for secondary casting manufacturers. So, what do you need to consider when choosing a secondary cosmetic manufacturer?


1. Based on the superiority of research and development, whether there is a CNAS standard research and development laboratory in China, advanced research and testing conditions in the world, and strict guarantee of product safety. The technology research and development team can provide high-quality, international, and standardized experiences and services for numerous domestic and foreign brands, conducting certification, testing, calibration, inspection, and other related work. Having recognized qualifications in China and providing authoritative quality testing reports or certificates.

2. Looking at the superiority of production, we must follow China's certification standards and have a 100000 level production workshop certified by the product quality management system. Having advanced processing equipment imported from abroad and a standard working environment; Fully enclosed production workshop and fully automatic filling workshop, equipped with standard air purification system and disinfection system. The filling equipment adopts pneumatic devices, with zero contact sterile dust and full sealing operation. It meets the production efficiency of multiple production lines with different requirements. The production capacity helps us save development costs and reduce production cycles.

3. If there is any quality advantage, choose a large-scale and diverse secondary cosmetic processing factory. By observing the equipment situation of the OEM factory, it is possible to roughly distinguish whether the production line technology level of this factory has quality advantages. Each batch of products produced by the manufacturer strictly follows the stages of raw material testing and finished product testing. We focus on quality as our core to create products that reassure the market. Can provide us with high-quality research and development customization of chemical polishing types.

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For the above selection of secondary cosmetic manufacturers, choose reliable manufacturers. We should know the authenticity of the manufacturer, whether it has appeared, and whether it truly possesses the necessary conditions for production. When looking for a manufacturer of secondary cosmetic products, everyone should carefully visit and inspect them. Only by establishing a standardized workshop, mature equipment, and standardized production environment can product reliability be guaranteed to a certain extent. This can reduce more losses and make it easier for you to understand the actual strength of friends who are about to collaborate.

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