What is the reason for the birth of secondary ODM? Convenient to carry and cost-effective


Speaking of secondary packaging, I believe everyone knows that secondary packaging is a relatively popular cosmetic product in the current market. However, there are still many people who do not know why secondary packaging is made. Isn't traditional packaging very good? In fact, the person in charge of Yunfei Poetry, the leading secondary packaging factory in China, has a say in making this product. Next, let's take a closer look at the specific reasons for the birth of secondary packaging ODM?


1. Convenient to carry

The second throw cosmetics can be said to be popular with consumers because it is a disposable way of use. For example, foundation make-up. When we travel, the foundation make-up of glass bottles is not only heavy and takes up space, but also easy to break. Therefore, many users have a special headache. But now liquid foundation has also appeared in the second throw packaging. Every time we go out, we only need to take a few pieces, which is very light, And don't worry about the glass bottle breaking.

2. High cost-effectiveness

The price of secondary cosmetic products also has obvious advantages, because from the perspective of product cost, if cosmetics of the same capacity are made into secondary cosmetic products, their price competitiveness in the market will be very strong. In recent years, secondary cosmetic products have emerged like mushrooms in the cosmetics market, and the forms are also diverse, some are aluminum foil paper bags, some are three-dimensional aluminum foil bags, Some are in facial mask cups, and some are in capsule bags. Almost all the designs are made by well-known brands, which further proves that exquisite second throw is the trend of cosmetics, and the price is very affordable.


The reason for the birth of the second throw ODM, I believe everyone is aware, not only can it make travelers more convenient, but the production of products will no longer be as expensive as bottled products in the past, and the cost-effectiveness of natural products will also be higher. The appearance of the first throw cosmetics was presented in the form of bags to attract customers to purchase, using gifts as trial packaging for formal cosmetics, which has developed to this day, The second throw cosmetics can become a special category. In addition to liquid foundation, it can be made into the second throw, even water emulsion, essence, facial cleanser, and makeup remover can also be made into the second throw. The market prospect in the future will become bigger and bigger.

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