Is the secondary ODM factory reliable?


Once the concept of secondary throwing was proposed, many sensitive muscle groups felt waves of gospel. But the focus of secondary packaging is more on the issues of canning and formula. How to develop a secondary packaging product from scratch is a challenge for many cosmetics companies, as they rely solely on their own research and development capabilities. After the product is registered and launched for promotion, although the spotlight has passed, the good time has also been missed. With the help of secondary ODM, companies can achieve twice the result with half the effort, but many companies may be concerned about whether secondary ODM factories are reliable and can they respond to demand in a timely manner?


Compared to ODM in other industries, ODM in the cosmetics industry has higher requirements because it adopts an almost all inclusive approach, which means that almost all services from research and development, design, production, and post maintenance are entrusted to ODM. Brands only have sales responsibility, but in most cases, manufacturers can also use this label. The difference between ODM and OEM is that OEM factories only engage in OEM production, while ODM manufacturers complete everything from design to production on their own, and the purchaser can directly label it, which shields cosmetics companies from many research and development risks.

The value of selling ODM again goes far beyond that. For products with different efficacy, enterprises can also produce according to their needs, especially with their own special research and development capabilities. In the face of the needs of the client, they can also respond quickly. Nowadays, with the favor of consumers for packaging, ODM can also adjust and optimize in a timely manner to ensure that the product can better meet market demand from quality to aesthetics. It is important that, The OEM products also have a very high cost-effectiveness, and the company has huge profit potential.

In practice, the difficulty of throwing ODM is not difficult. But the rare thing is how to explore another product line in a dominant market, which is something that cosmetics companies need to carefully consider. Especially when it comes to making a difference in the second round, it is also important for companies to consider how to handle it on their own. But there is no doubt that ODM factories are reliable. There is no need to worry about this, but at least we need to find someone with a good reputation and sufficient research and development capabilities to continue promoting them.

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