What are the requirements for cosmetic sample processing?


Cosmetics, as a daily necessity for many beauty enthusiasts, using only one brand for a long time not only loses freshness, but also causes adaptability to the skin for certain reasons, resulting in less stunning results than before. At this point, some consumers may choose to change their cosmetics brand, but hastily starting with formal attire is naturally not suitable. Starting with small samples is the choice of many smart people, and this has also given rise to a new industry: cosmetics small sample processing. But finding a contract worker also requires attention, what are the details to pay attention to?


The purpose of the sample is to make consumers feel the quality and usability of the product in a small volume, which is a significant requirement for cosmetics companies. Because formal packaging can firmly control and ensure stable product quality, the production demand for small samples is completely different from formal packaging, with differences in production lines, canning, and so on. Therefore, outsourcing to a third party seems to be a good choice, but the choice of a third party also has some consideration.

Sample processing requires strict control over raw materials and production processes. Because it is a third-party agent, it is necessary to be doubly careful in management. Considering that many times the headquarters of the enterprise and the outsourcing factory belong to different cities, and although the supply chain can be connected through logistics, in terms of process optimization, the enterprise does need to follow the advice of the outsourcing factory. After all, the cost of small samples needs to be well managed, and the delivery of goods needs to be considered in terms of quantity, at least not in unlimited quantities, Especially afraid that relevant personnel may take it for sale and affect the brand image.

In addition, it is also necessary to consider the issue of goods quantity and delivery cycle. Therefore, this type of factory outsourcing is not only about one product, and being able to complete the delivery of goods as soon as possible is another factor that enterprises need to assess.

Cosmetic sample processing is currently a very common method in the industry, with formulas that can simulate up to 90% and frameworks that can converge, resulting in certain differences in presentation. The procurement of raw materials, concentration, anti-corrosion system, and so on can all affect the entire product. Therefore, when making small samples for OEM, it is necessary to grasp a certain degree and not simply separate them from raw material barrels to make small samples. This is also something that enterprises need to carefully consider.

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