Which company is stronger in processing secondary cosmetics?


The refined development of cosmetics has made many segmented products popular, such as secondary cosmetics, which have been mentioned more and more frequently by the industry and market in the past two years. Tossing once means throwing away the packaging after each use. Although it may seem simple and casual, it actually encompasses the various new needs of contemporary young consumers for cosmetics. The launch of secondary products by cosmetics brands can expand the brand audience and increase sales to a certain extent. Therefore, in recent years, there has also been a large market demand for sub processing.


Most skincare products on the market are relatively large bottles, which are heavy and take up a lot of space when put into bags, making it very difficult for consumers to take them out. The small and portable nature of secondary cosmetics effectively solves this problem. And most of the secondary cosmetic products are not as easy to break as bottled cosmetics, which solves many consumer troubles and is especially suitable for carrying and using on business trips or travels.

Due to lower manufacturing costs, compared to regular cosmetics, the price of secondary cosmetic products is lower, and even with the same capacity, secondary cosmetic products will have a price advantage. So with the rise of live streaming products, through fresh packaging forms and beautiful prices, second throw cosmetics can more attract the attention of the audience.

From the perspective of packaging form, the secondary cosmetics can be packaged in aluminum foil bags, three-dimensional aluminum foil, facial mask cups, soft capsules, etc; From the perspective of category, secondary cosmetics include secondary essence, secondary stock solution, secondary lotion, secondary facial mask, etc., covering a wide range; From the perspective of composition, the main ingredients added in secondary throwing include hyaluronic acid, peptides, niacinamide, arbutin, fullerene, etc., all of which are highly effective and popular ingredients. At high concentrations, the effect is very significant.

Yunfei Shi Cosmetics is an ODM company that specializes in secondary cosmetics. The company can produce more than 10 types of secondary cosmetics including AFP three-dimensional aluminum foil, bags, bags, blisters, facial mask cups, ampoules, etc. It is one of the largest secondary cosmetics factories with rich product types in China. As a long-time practitioner in the field of secondary polishing and processing, I have provided strong support for the lightweight development of the entire beauty industry.

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