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In recent years, the skincare category has been constantly iteratively updated, and consumers are no longer satisfied with simple basic care. A large number of 'ingredient parties' have gradually transformed into 'efficacy parties', committed to solving various skin problems. Consumers often carefully study the efficacy of the product's main ingredients when making decisions based on their own needs, whether it is moisturizing, whitening, brightening, or firming and anti wrinkle, etc. Safety and efficiency have also become the main skincare demands of the market. Driven by the consumer population of the Z era, the characteristics of the current era are fast pace and high efficiency. Consumers are pursuing more efficient and convenient skincare while ensuring the safety of skincare products. This has made 'secondary cosmetics' a major new trend in the skincare industry.


The second toss, as the name implies, is a aseptic technique. BFS technology is required for the packaging of products, including blow molding, fill filling, and seal. In the early days, it was mainly used in the production of drugs such as eye drops. Usually, skincare production lines are semi-automatic and require manual assistance. Skincare products may be contaminated to some extent during the packaging process. Moreover, if it is a skincare product with a large packaging capacity, a certain amount of preservative is usually added to ensure that the skincare product does not deteriorate. However, using BFS technology for packaging can solve these problems.

Yunfeishi, as a leading enterprise of the pioneer of the second throw cosmetics OEM, is one of the second throw cosmetics factories with large scale and rich product types in China. The second throw types include more than 10 kinds of AFP three-dimensional aluminum foil, bags, bags, blisters, facial mask cups, ampoules, etc. From the perspective of packaging form, the second is the packaging form of throwing skin care products, including aluminum foil bags, facial mask cups, soft capsules, etc. From the perspective of category, secondary cosmetics include secondary essence, secondary essence, secondary facial mask, etc., covering a wide range.

From the perspective of functional ingredients, the main ingredients added in Yunfei Shijipo cosmetics are ceramide, hyaluronic acid, polypeptide, nicotinamide, glabridin, arbutin, etc., which are all popular ingredients with high efficacy. In the case of high concentration, the skin care effect is very significant. The secondary polishing series ingredients are highly active, making essence easier to be absorbed by the skin; There is no need to add chemical preservatives like traditional skincare products, which are ineffective and harmful ingredients. Ensure the ingredients are safe and efficient, without harm to the skin.

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