What should be paid attention to when customizing ampoule essence


I believe that everyone will use some skincare products to some extent in their daily lives. In order to improve competitiveness, many brands will launch new products, such as ampoules, which have been very popular in recent years. What is Anping? What should be paid attention to when customizing ampoule essence? Today, the editor will provide readers with answers.

Ampoules refer to concentrated essence, which is packed in sterile vacuum without preservatives and contains 90% to 98% effective factors for skin. Simply put, it is about 12 times that of nutritional cream and night cream, which can help the skin achieve a good state in a short period of time.

Next, let's take a look at the advantages of Anping, as follows:

1. Glass bottles can be made brown to prevent the influence of ultraviolet components.

2. Each ampoule is individually packaged, isolated from external air, and will not experience oxidation.

3. It is more convenient for people on business or travel.

Due to the high popularity of Anping, many brands have launched this product one after another. Many brands choose customization because one-stop services have more advantages, which can make brands more worry, time, and effort saving. Next, let's take a look at what aspects to pay attention to when customizing ampoules. As follows:

1. To choose a manufacturer with cosmetics production qualifications, it is necessary to have special OEM/cosmetic production qualifications, and so on.

2. Choosing a manufacturer with superior production equipment not only requires multiple sets of advanced equipment and instruments for emulsification, filling, testing, etc., but also requires a 100000 level sterile production workshop and a standard research and development laboratory.

3. Having a strong research and development team, we can customize products that meet the needs of our customers.

In general, when choosing a factory for customizing ampoules, it is important to choose experienced ones, as experienced factories provide one-stop services, from planning, design, packaging, to formulation, production, and logistics, without the need for personal effort. This can save a lot of time and effort, and allow more time to be spent on promotion and promotion.

The above is the relevant content of customized ampoule essence compiled by the editor for readers. I hope that readers will have a deeper understanding of ampoule after reading it.

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