Advantages of secondary polishing processing


I believe many people do not know what a second throw is, which means making skincare products or cosmetics into disposable packaging. Because of its lightweight and convenience, it is highly favored by the public. Next, let's learn about the advantages of the next polishing process and the recommendations of the second polishing manufacturer.


1、 Advantages of secondary polishing processing

The advantages of secondary throwing are really many, let me briefly say a few points. One of them is the use of BFS production process for secondary casting, which can achieve aseptic production. The formula also does not contain preservatives or other ingredients, which does not harm the skin and is safer to use. The second is to use one branch at a time to effectively prevent secondary pollution, which can ensure the high purity and activity of the original essence.

2、 Recommended by secondary polishing and processing manufacturers

Nowadays, many brands choose OEM factories for processing in order to save costs and time. So what are the recommended options for OEM processing? After all aspects of understanding and comparison, I recommend Yunfeishi Cosmetics Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2008 and is a company specializing in secondary polishing. The secondary polishing types of OEM include more than 10 kinds of blisters, AFP three-dimensional aluminum foil, ampoules, facial mask cups, bags, etc., which can be said to be one of the largest secondary polishing processing plants in China. At present, there are more than 20 secondary cosmetic production lines with an annual production capacity of 800 million yuan, which is very worthy of your choice.

So why recommend Yunfei Shi Cosmetics Co., Ltd? What are the advantages of the company? Because the company has experienced ODM services, it can provide customers with a one-stop service and save them energy. ODM services cover mold development, packaging material development, production services, and quality assurance. We all know that behind an excellent secondary casting, there will always be a mold library for the two, and Yunfei Shi Company has over 300 magnetic bubble molds, providing customers with more choices. Of course, it also provides services such as customized molds.

In addition, Yunfei Poetry has close cooperation with over 80 domestic and foreign cosmetic packaging suppliers, which can be said to have excellent resources. It is worth noting that Yunfei Shi has a super experienced quality team to control the quality of cosmetics. Whether it is raw materials and packaging materials, or semi-finished products to finished products, every step has gone through layers of inspection, and the quality is very guaranteed.

The above is the entire content about secondary polishing processing, hoping to answer your doubts about secondary polishing processing in your mind.

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