What common items can bubble mask cosmetics be paired with


When using plant-based skincare products, it is important to pay attention to whether the skincare product can help the skin maintain moisture and lock in water. After locking in water, the skin will have a clear luster, especially for some dark women. By using skincare and locking in water, the facial skin can be greatly improved. However, if the oil skin still does not improve after a long period of use, and even causes pore expansion, it should be immediately stopped, So what common items can bubble mask cosmetics be paired with?


1. Glutinous rice

Plant skincare products also need to be washed with warm water to allow pores to naturally open. Take a small bowl of hot rice, and sticky rice is better (with stronger viscosity). Rub the rice into small Rice and vegetable roll and roll them back and forth on both sides of the nose and the nose. If there are many black heads, they roll them for many times, and the dirt in the pores will be brought out by the rice. If the rice is dirty or the temperature is too low, you can replace it with a new ball of rice. Washing the rice on your face with warm water will improve your blackhead condition. Some dermatology doctors said that toothpaste itself has the functions of cleaning, degreasing and sterilization. It can not only remove dirt from pores, but also plant skin care products are effective against blackheads.

2. Milk salt

Apply white toothpaste evenly to the nose and wait for ten minutes or until the coolness fades or fades. You can also wash it off with water. Do it once a week to avoid excessive skin irritation. Wash your nose clean and then dry it. Add filtered water (or purified water) to the toothpaste, and then add baking soda powder. Mix high-quality and comprehensive plant-based skincare products and apply them to your nose. Gently massage your nose with a toothbrush. After massaging for a few times, wash your nose clean and gently wipe it with your hand. Your hands are covered in blackheads and pimples, which is very magical. Mix a few drops of milk with the young salt until the salt particles are semi dissolved. Apply plant skincare products to your nose and gently massage.

3. Pearl powder

Prepare a thin cotton pad (in fact, it can be replaced by a paper towel or facial mask paper), apply egg white and plant skin care products on the nose, then apply cotton pad, and then apply a layer of egg white on the outer layer. After the makeup cotton has dried thoroughly, remove it to remove the blackhead. Remember to choose high-quality pearl powder that can be consumed internally to remove blackheads. Mix the pearl powder with clean water until it becomes a paste, and then evenly apply the pearl paste to the areas of blackheads and acne.

Bubble mask cosmetics sellers claim that for the majority of the population, the effectiveness of skincare products is related to metabolism. Therefore, when evaluating whether the skincare product has an effect on oneself, it is necessary to be proportional to time. It is necessary to observe for half a month to a month before making a final decision. However, if there is significant pore expansion after use, and even if the product turns black after use, it should be immediately discontinued, Replace with other skincare products that are suitable for you.

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