What are the advantages of secondary ODM throwing


The meaning of disposable skincare products is 'disposable'. The packaging of this skincare product is not very similar to the bottled skincare products we usually use, and secondary packaging is usually done using flexible hoses. This packaging technology is called medical sterile filling technology. This technology is usually used in the packaging of eye drops, injectable drugs, and other products. Nowadays, this type of secondary skincare product is very popular, and many entrepreneurs choose to establish their own business through secondary ODM. Let's take a look at the advantages of throwing ODM next time.


1. Advantages of Filling Technology

Blow and fill sealing technology, also known as BFS, is also known as Blow and Fill sealing. This technology is to complete the molding of the plastic safety part and the filling of liquid in the process of continuous operation of one equipment, and seal the filled plastic retort bottles. All these processes are completed in a single time under aseptic conditions. The whole cycle is completed within 12-14 seconds, and the essence is exposed to the air for less than 1.5 seconds.


2. Secondary skincare products

The secondary essence is packed separately. At present, the amount of each product on the market is 1ml-1.5ml, which is basically one product at a time. There is basically no problem of pollution after opening, and the contact time with the outside air during the filling process is shorter. Compared to packaging such as freeze-dried powder and ampoules, plastic is used for secondary disposal, and there is no case of hands being scratched by aluminum sheets on freeze-dried powder or ampoules being scratched by glass.

3. ODM Advantages

ODM is a product design proposal proposed by the commissioning party, regardless of who completed the overall design, and the commissioned party shall not provide products using this design to third parties. The advantage of the ODM model is that in the early stage, one does not need to invest too much to build a factory, and can use their own channels to sell products and develop their own brand. For small and medium-sized enterprises, in the early stage, they can save a lot of research and development costs as long as they focus on marketing,

Another ODM O test further tests the company's technical and management capabilities. ODM not only provides customers with product research and development, creative design, semi-finished product manufacturing, filling and packaging, and logistics distribution, but also provides more comprehensive and detailed service content such as detailed planning and marketing plans for the client. So having endless innovation capabilities is the lifeblood of ODM enterprise development.

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