Introduction to Secondary ODM


The meaning of 'throwing' is to throw it one at a time. The packaging of this type of skincare product is not like our bottled skincare products, which usually use flexible hoses for packaging. This packaging technology can be explained as medical sterile filling technology. Previously, this technology was usually used in the packaging of eye drops, injection drugs, etc. Now, ODM manufacturers are applying this packaging technology to cosmetics products. Let's learn about ODM next time.


1. Introduction

ODM is an abbreviation for Original Design Manufacturer in English, which translates directly to Original Design Manufacturer. ODM service providers can provide customers with all services from product research and development, design and manufacturing, to later maintenance. Customers only need to propose the product's functions, performance, and even provide product concepts to ODM service providers, and ODM service providers can turn the product from concept to reality. Customers produce and sell under their own brand name, or make minor design changes to produce and sell under their own brand.


2. Advantages

The role of ODM for customers is to outsource the production, technology development, and product design of non core business of enterprises, reduce the time and investment in technology development and product design, and concentrate company resources for market development and brand building. Role for ODM service providers: Outsourcing the sales of non core business products and brand building of enterprises not only has the benefits of simple OEM processing, but also can achieve higher value-added benefits through technical design and development.

3. Development

With the increasing competition pressure in the market, China is moving from OEM to ODM. OEM, as is well known in the industry, mainly refers to production and manufacturing according to user design. OEM only obtains low processing fees. With the increase of labor costs and raw materials in China, OEM enterprises are facing increasing competition pressure. Some processing manufacturers are gradually mastering core technologies and starting to develop independent intellectual property rights in production and design, ODM has entered people's vision.

Compared to OEM, ODM has increased profit margins and competitive strength. We often see made in China products that have returned to China from overseas in the market, with prices several times or even more than ten times higher. The rise of secondary ODM reflects the development process of domestic manufacturing industry.

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