Deep interpretation of the advantages of secondary polishing by OEM manufacturers


The booming development of the beauty industry has led to an endless stream of new products, with secondary skincare products being among the best. A large number of domestic brands are starting to join the race of 'secondary skincare products'. What are the advantages of secondary skincare products and how can they re drive the trend of 'primary skincare'? Today, let the foundry tell you why the fire was fired?


1、 What is a second throw?

Secondary packaging is a type of plastic packaged product, and each product has a standard dosage of one. You can discard the packaging after use, which is similar to an ampoule. Because their essential functions are actually similar, both use sterile filling technology to reduce the addition of preservatives and preserve the activity of ingredients. They are used once and discarded after use, with small doses, high concentrations, sterile safety, and small portability as their main features.

It's just that the packaging materials used are different. Ampoule tends to be made of glass material with certain safety hazards, while the second throw is made of plastic hose material, which is more lightweight and safe. Of course, this filling process is also destined to have higher requirements for technology and machinery, so under the same composition, secondary packaging is usually sold more expensive than regular packaging.

2、 Advantages of secondary throwing

1. Ingredients are simplified, sterile, and free from preservatives

Suitable for sensitive muscles/emergency treatment/medical aesthetics, as special techniques are used during the filling process to achieve an integrated formation of 'blowing, pouring, and sealing'. This ensures that the entire production process can ensure sterile production of the product. Therefore, secondary products can be completely free from any preservatives with antibacterial effects, with low sensitivity and low irritation.

It is very friendly for particularly sensitive and fragile skin, and can be used for emergency treatment in sensitive situations, even after medical beauty projects.

2. Preserve the activity of ingredients and reduce the probability of inactivation

Suitable for filling easily inactivated ingredients, if you want to rank the ingredient preservation design, it is probably: dropper type

3. Small and exquisite, easy to carry

Suitable for business/travel carrying. It's like going out for a vacation or something, breaking a few pieces for a few days. The plastic hose is not afraid of falling or hitting, and it's lightweight and doesn't take up space. You can also bring them according to your travel needs, such as three bottles for water replenishment and three bottles for repair, which is much more hassle free than bringing a bunch of bottles and cans when traveling.


It is not difficult to find that in the past, product samples were designed to meet the low cost requirements of consumers for trial and error. However, nowadays, secondary processing products can not only meet this demand, but also better utilize the three major convenience advantages mentioned above to achieve quantitative and effective use needs, which can better enable consumers to play a greater role in each small amount of use. ‍

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