Second throw ODM: the darling of the current beauty industry


Everyone has a love for beauty, and while various types of makeup are updating and iterating in the trend, beauty products are also constantly improving, providing more and better choices for those who love beauty. As a new concept of beauty, secondary throwing has also become the pursuit direction of many beauty brands, which has promoted the rise of secondary throwing ODM and provided a good product channel for beauty brands and beauty enthusiasts. Below, we will take everyone to understand what the secondary ODM is.

Second throw, as the name suggests, refers to a disposable product, while ODM is an English abbreviation, directly translated as the original design manufacturer. It is a complete set of services entrusted by the purchaser to provide products from research and development, design, production, and later maintenance. The purchaser is responsible for sales of the production model, and sometimes the purchaser also authorizes the manufacturer to produce products with the brand. So by combining the two together, we can understand what secondary ODM is. This production mode can provide high production and sales efficiency for products and ensure product quality, so more and more beauty brands are choosing to cooperate with secondary ODM manufacturers.

The rise of secondary tossing is ultimately due to the attention paid by the beauty industry to the freshness and hygiene of products, such as contact lenses and makeup eggs. Secondary tossing ensures that after using the product, there is no need to worry about maintenance issues, and it is very worry free to throw it away after use. Moreover, many ODM manufacturers are constantly improving their products, such as bubble wrap secondary packaging, which has a relatively flexible and three-dimensional shape and can be filled with liquids based on the properties of the material, and is not easily damaged by compression. It is currently a packaging method with a high market share in secondary packaging. There is also a type of secondary packaging called AFP, which adopts an integrated soft bag filling packaging method. The packaging and material filling are seamlessly connected, giving the product excellent preservation effect. It can fill various materials such as water, milk, cream, cream, oil, etc., and is currently widely used in secondary packaging products.

The advantages of secondary ODM manufacturers have led to an increasingly close relationship with beauty brands. Its rise not only reflects the further pursuit of beauty in the beauty industry, but also reflects the current development process of commercial manufacturing, becoming a darling of the beauty industry.

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