What are the technical advantages of secondary casting and processing? Sterile and environmentally friendly formula is safe


Secondary packaging is a popular way of packaging and processing cosmetics. This type of packaging is not only convenient to carry, but also may avoid corresponding pollution, and is deeply loved by the majority of skincare product users. Compared to traditional processing methods, it does not add preservatives, and the special packaging method solves the related pollution during the packaging process. Let's take a look at its specific technical advantages.


1. Sterile and environmentally friendly

Compared to ordinary packaging, secondary packaging adopts fully automatic packaging, which does not cause human pollution. It adopts a sterile operating environment throughout the process and kills various bacteria at high temperatures. The container itself has undergone aseptic treatment, and the packaging process is very fast, with the entire process only taking about ten seconds. Ready to use, small quantity, no excessive packaging, clean and environmentally friendly.

2. Formula safety

Compared with the traditional process, it does not add other impurities such as cosolvent in the formula, has no secondary pollution, can ensure the activity and purity of essence, is mild without any irritation, and has no other harm to skin safety.

3. Convenient to carry

The packaging is lightweight, making travel and carrying more convenient, allowing for skin care at any time. For some business people and friends who enjoy traveling, disposable packaging is a good choice, convenient and fast, clean and hygienic, and portable. For friends who want to try the product, it is also a worthwhile way to try it out.

4. Can meet personalized needs

Nowadays, processing factories have their own research and development teams and production lines, which can process according to customer needs in the desired way. At the same time, the team keeps abreast of international trends and trends, conducts regular technical updates, and enables manufacturers to produce new products and quickly seize the market. Users only need to clearly specify the processing requirements in the commission agreement, which greatly saves time and energy, produces products that meet the requirements, and saves costs.

This aseptic secondary polishing technology can achieve rapid packaging in a sterile state, ensuring product quality from the source, while maintaining good stability and avoiding cross contamination between products. Overall, production costs are relatively low and consumer friendly, and it will occupy a certain market space in the future.

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