How to process cosmetic samples on behalf of others?


In the current market, there are many mature cosmetics brands through the division of labor and cooperation of skin care product processing mode, which can increase the resource allocation and innovation ability of enterprises and reduce fixed assets investment as much as possible. How to process cosmetic samples on behalf of others?


Propose requirements

After finding a suitable cosmetics sample processing manufacturer, clear requirements should be put forward based on their own needs, including what type of cosmetics to produce, what effects to achieve, what materials to use, and how many orders to produce, so that the processor can start preparing for production.

Select formula

When making cosmetics, it is necessary to strictly follow the formula. Cosmetics OEM manufacturers generally have some mature formulas, and consumers can choose the formula they are satisfied with from them. If customers have strong research and development capabilities, they can also directly provide their own developed formulas to cosmetics processing manufacturers. In addition, if the customer does not have a formula and only has product samples, they can also provide the samples to the processing manufacturer, who will study the formula based on the samples. The procurement of raw materials related to the product needs to be cautious, and each batch of raw materials must have a quality inspection report from the manufacturer.

Confirmed production

Before formal production, a sample needs to be made, including the location of the coding, the location of the label, the location of the shrink film, and other issues that need to be noted. After the sample is produced, confirming this can ensure that there are no problems before large-scale production, as stopping modification once the work starts is a very troublesome task.

Production samples

The manufacturer will not directly produce in large quantities, but will first produce some product samples based on the formula. The customer will test the samples and provide feedback. After confirming that there are no issues with the samples, they will start placing orders for cosmetics and processing them on behalf of others. The manufacturer starts mass production according to the formula and order quantity, and delivers the order to the customer after production is completed.

Confirm the sample.

The sample provided by the salesperson has defects and can be readjusted until satisfactory. After confirming the sample, there is a 5% difference between the sample and the large product, as the sample was prepared using a laboratory dropper and the product was emulsified in a large mechanical tank, so it is not so accurate.

Cosmetics require trademark registration. After registration is completed, it is necessary to communicate with the engineer of the cosmetic sample processing manufacturer about the required varieties, including category, function, efficacy, shape, fragrance, color, etc. In order to control costs, wait for the engineer to prepare the sample and try it out until they are satisfied before determining the sample formula for retention.

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