What should be paid attention to when conducting three-dimensional aluminum foil processing?


The three-dimensional aluminum foil processing is a type of packaging category set up for the secondary packaging of cosmetics. The produced packaging meets the user's selection needs with a more beautiful appearance design and convenient use design. At the same time, with the addition of processing technology, the diversity of OEM activities has been achieved, allowing more three-dimensional and convenient packaging products to be produced in OEM activities.


1. Production process

The process used in the processing of three-dimensional aluminum foil is focused on the basic forming process, and the process configuration is based on the properties of different materials in the overall processing process design. While ensuring production and processing efficiency, we also innovate the level of process technology during the process, allowing more production and manufacturing personnel to clarify the process transmission path and verify the reliability of basic OEM services.

2. Service process

Regardless of which stage of the OEM production operation, a clear service process is required as a guide to ensure the continuity of service work during the integrated molding process of the product. It also allows the service process to be directly recorded in the paper version of the operation manual and familiarized more operators, enabling more applications of aluminum foil materials in the processing process, and continuously organizing the process to achieve three-dimensional product effects.

3. Stable operation

The high stability of this type of processing activity comes from Yunfei Shi's high-precision invention of three-dimensional aluminum foil. The project research team has put in effort to develop processing technology based on the hot demand of domestic and foreign secondary polishing markets. Make the processed and manufactured packaging appearance highly recognizable, and have high compatibility with various cosmetic materials, achieving the stability of the process line in continuous production operation.

After users understand the specific points to pay attention to when processing three-dimensional aluminum foil, they can set the process technology based on the content of their own packaging and filling methods. While attracting more attention to three-dimensional aluminum foil, it also has a wider application in the packaging and processing industry, allowing Yunfei Poetry to attract more attention and recognition through its diverse category performance and packaging design, improving the management efficiency of the enterprise itself, and establishing an intelligent production process line.

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