The secret behind the success of the leading cosmetics seller


Secondary cosmetics are an independent category that has evolved from small and medium-sized samples, but they are completely different from small and medium-sized samples. It can be said that secondary packaging is a form of packaging for cosmetics and also a usage habit.

At present, searching for the keyword 'secondary tossing' on the cosmetics regulatory app has over 2000 related product records. As an independent category, secondary tossing has begun to take shape, and the fast-paced urban life has given rise to new growth points for various industries. Cosmetics are no exception. Secondary tossing cosmetics have conquered many new generation consumers with their high recognition, exquisite and compact, and hygienic and portable characteristics.


In order to gain a deeper understanding of the development of secondary cosmetics, we contacted Yun Fei Shi Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a domestic cosmetics agency specializing in secondary cosmetics, and approached its general manager, Yu Yi, to uncover the secret behind the popularity of secondary cosmetics for us.

'It can be said that the rise of the constituent party has driven the development of the second throw essence, and the second throw essence has further aroused the enthusiasm of consumers for the second throw category. The popularity of the second throw category has also brought Yunfei poetry into the public's eyes.' Yu Yi said.


The Second Path of Yunfei's Poetry:

Starting with a small sample and throwing out the circle by the second time

Yunfei Shi, founded in 2008, has a factory located in the Dongfang Meigu Park in Fengxian, Shanghai. This OEM factory, which takes secondary dumping as the main line, initially operated the project of small-scale OEM. After more than ten years of business development, it developed a set of secondary dumping family products, covering most of the secondary dumping types in the market, including AFP secondary dumping packaging, blister filling packaging, facial mask cup filling packaging, bag filling packaging, strip filling packaging, bullet ampoules, etc.

Yu Yi admitted, 'When we were established in 2008, we appeared in the cosmetics industry with the positioning of 'focusing on filling small samples in ordinary bags and bags'

Since 2010, Yunfei Poetry has been experiencing a continuous transformation in creativity. At that time, it introduced Korean equipment and became a revolutionary in the development of special-shaped bag filling bag products.


In the field of secondary polishing cosmetics OEM, Yunfei Shi not only developed bullet ampoules in 2017, seizing the first wave of plastic ampoule vents to usher in the era of high efficiency secondary polishing, but also developed three-dimensional aluminum foil AFP packaging in 2018. It is worth mentioning that this patented equipment is exclusive in China.


Although the secondary throwing track chosen by Yunfei Shi is narrow, its product planning and layout can be described as quite forward-looking. For example, in 2017, when only 15 new 'secondary throwing' beauty products were registered in China, they seized the high ground of high efficiency secondary throwing with bullets. In 2018, when the number of product filings increased rapidly, it independently developed AFP products from equipment to materials/molds, which to some extent boosted the development of the efficacy skincare market.


Yu Yi stated that Yunfei Shi currently collaborates with over 400 customers, including brand type customers such as Vinona, Lifetime Research, Cainiao and Formula Maker, Lin Qingxuan, and Pelaia, as well as representative factory type customers such as Suzhou Huida, Hangzhou Yayan, Koushi Manjia, Yingteli, and Kesimeishi. Its flexible business approach has won Yunfei Shi a rich customer base.

In 2021, the production capacity of Yunfei Poetry reached 500 million units. In the cooperation with customers, a number of explosive products such as blisters, AFP three-dimensional aluminum foil, plastic injection facial mask and so on have been created, and the annual shipment of many brands it has cooperated with has exceeded 10 million pieces.


Establishing an Innovation and Research Center

Boost the upgrade and replacement of secondary throwing

To strengthen the development of new products for secondary polishing, accelerate product iteration, and accelerate the development of the Chinese secondary polishing cosmetics market. In May of this year, Yunfei Shi established an innovation and research center in South Korea.

It is understood that the production technology of Yunfei Poetry was first introduced from South Korea. This choice to establish a research and development center in South Korea can be said to be based on the previous foundation and precipitation.

Yu Yi said, 'Three to five years ago, Korean makeup was very popular in China. Nowadays, Korean makeup still has certain advantages in packaging innovation and other aspects. We hope to not only limit our innovation perspective to China.' According to him, the Korean R&D center may learn from Japanese products and do some innovation in the future. And this is also the main purpose of establishing the Korean Innovation Research Institute Center.


He also mentioned that in China, innovative applications of packaging in the fields of food and medicine will also be applied to secondary cosmetics through cross-border means.

Yu Yi said, 'The research and development of secondary packaging is a relatively macro issue, which requires comprehensive consideration of packaging materials, material characteristics, forming methods, filling methods, production processes, and other issues. It requires close cooperation in multiple links and also tests the comprehensive quality of research and development personnel

It is understood that the Yunfei Poetry Innovation Research and Development Center currently has three South Korean researchers, all of whom come from professional design or packaging companies in South Korea and have accumulated 6-10 years of work experience in this field. This time, they will provide a more professional perspective and diverse ideas for the development of new products for the second round. There are also two project members based in China who are jointly responsible for the research and development of new products.

Yu Yi believes that this sell-off is not a temporary heat, and there will still be a sustained growth in the next 2-3 years. With the intensification of market competition, it can be predicted that secondary dumping will also enter an internal competition mode, and homogeneous market competition will inevitably force the transformation and upgrading of the supply chain end. Innovation ability is becoming increasingly important for the survival of OEM enterprises.


The innovative perspective of Yunfei Poetry is not limited to a single aspect, such as obtaining first-hand usage evaluations from the perspective of consumer experience, guiding the improvement and upgrading of secondary packaging. Starting from the packaging material itself, different design schemes are explored through experiments based on material characteristics. Starting from the set packaging type, search for suitable packaging materials, molds, etc. Starting from brand tone, implementing one brand one solution, exploring personalized selling points, and so on.

It is reported that Yunfei Poetry has new projects approved every month to ensure that new products are launched every month, in order to ensure its own innovation enthusiasm and ability. From this perspective, the popularity of secondary cosmetics in the market is not achieved overnight, but rather stems from the accumulation and innovation support at the supply chain end. At present, the hot trends in the cosmetics market are constantly changing, but we have reason to believe that with the innovation drive of supply chain enterprises, the path of abandoning the niche category of cosmetics can become wider and wider.

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