How to choose a three-dimensional aluminum foil OEM manufacturer? It depends on the research and development capabilities and production equipment of the enterprise


Nowadays, there are many suppliers in the production of cosmetics who customize and process products according to the requirements of the client, which is actually the process of labeling after processing. Compared to traditional processing modes, this method will greatly improve the processing level and save the client's resources, but the prerequisite is to find a reliable commodity processing manufacturer. Let's learn how to choose a three-dimensional aluminum foil OEM manufacturer together.


1. Check the R&D and production capacity of the enterprise

Some enterprises directly entrust production to the other party, which requires the processing party to have a certain level of practical research and development capabilities. The processing of three-dimensional aluminum foil is an important packaging challenge for cosmetics, and it is necessary to ensure quality from the source without affecting the composition of cosmetics. It is necessary to choose a processing manufacturer with strong processing ability and high quality. Firstly, it is necessary to understand the supplier's overview, and then understand their actual production capacity and level. You can go to the field for inspection.

2. Look at the production equipment of the enterprise

Is the enterprise equipped with advanced production equipment and able to produce products that meet quality standards. The update of cosmetics is fast, so it requires enterprises to have a certain level of research and innovation capabilities. It is necessary to conduct on-site inspections on whether the production equipment of the enterprise is relatively advanced in the industry, which will determine the details of cosmetic packaging. Cosmetics are products that come into direct contact with the skin, so there are certain sterilization requirements for the production workshop. It is necessary to inspect whether the ventilation and drainage systems in the production workshop meet the requirements for sterility. The production workshop may not be large in scale, but the equipment and facilities must be complete.

3. Check the team's research and development capabilities

Many cosmetics processing factories have their own laboratories and specialized research and development teams. Directly entrusting the processing party without providing production formulas requires the enterprise to conduct its own research and development, which tests the processing party's research and development capabilities. To assess research and development capabilities, relevant cases of successful cooperation with this enterprise can be analyzed. If the product is commissioned by a well-known brand or produced by the manufacturer and has a good response, it indicates that the manufacturer's product has high credibility.

Of course, three-dimensional aluminum foil OEM manufacturers also need to consider other factors, such as production qualifications, after-sales service, and so on. The above are the precautions during the selection process of three-dimensional aluminum foil OEM manufacturers, hoping to choose the products that are suitable for oneself.

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