What precautions should be taken when choosing cosmetic ODM


For ODM enterprises that are down-to-earth and diligent in research, the mature formulas and management systems accumulated over the years can help brand owners achieve better development. Some long-term contract manufacturing enterprises can create differentiated services by arranging inspection and testing in advance, ushering in a new peak of development for the brand. So, what should be paid attention to when choosing cosmetic ODM?


1、 Check if the production equipment and workshop environment can meet the processing needs

Production equipment and production environment are important factors that determine product quality. If you want to know if it's worth forming a joint venture with a cosmetics processing factory, go directly to conduct on-site inspections. Cosmetics processing factories with good reputation will attach great importance to selecting production equipment and maintaining the production environment. Although cosmetics have lower requirements for production workshops than pharmaceutical workshops, relevant departments also have certain requirements for cosmetics production workshops, such as air impurity element content, exhaust and drainage systems, which must comply with relevant requirements.


2、 Check the manufacturer's scientific research strength and product formula

Examining the formula research and development team, some cosmetics processing factories have laboratories, but do not have R&D personnel or teams. They have engineers, but these engineers are only able to analyze the purchased formula and produce it step by step. Real R&D personnel should have the ability to develop new formulas and innovate.

3、 Look at the types of customers they collaborate with

A relatively powerful cosmetics ODM processing factory is bound to process and produce products for numerous brands. You can also determine the strength of the factory by looking at which well-known brands the factory has processed cosmetics for.

4、 Inspect the factory's soft power

The soft power of the factory includes filing service, testing service, design capacity, delivery cycle, cost performance ratio, storage capacity, delivery capacity, and whether the later capacity can keep up. In short, choosing a good partner is crucial, as it will be easy and allow you to fully invest in product sales, channel team building, and brand operation. Yunfeishi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of cosmetics OEM enterprises in terms of hardware, product development, cost-effectiveness, supply chain management, and after-sales service. We sincerely look forward to working with you for a win-win situation! Grow together.

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