What is the use of bubble mask cosmetics? Why are more and more companies choosing?


Environmental protection 'is now a concept that all industries, including the cosmetics industry, will follow in their development. Cosmetics can be divided into formal attire, small samples, secondary (for one-time use only) cosmetics, etc., and the capacity sorting is also from large to small. In contrast, bubble mask cosmetics have emerged due to their smaller capacity and ease of transportation and storage.


Bubble mask cosmetics can also be understood as bubble mask packaged cosmetics. It is an early packaging that appeared in the pharmaceutical industry, with high barrier and good sealing properties. It is also convenient to use, and its appearance is relatively diverse, which can attract more user attention. It is a pre formed plastic packaging composed of PET or PVC plastic. Under the protection of this packaging, the product can also be protected from various factors including humidity, pollution, tampering, and even ultraviolet radiation. Although the quantity of packaging for secondary cosmetics is relatively large, using bubble wrap packaging can further reduce costs without the need for additional cardboard boxes. In addition, the shape of bubble mask cosmetics is very flexible, and the three-dimensional degree is also high. According to the forming process, they can be divided into single sided bubble masks and double sided bubble masks. The filling amount and method can be adjusted according to the material properties. As of now, Yunfei Shi can design and manufacture more than 80 types of bubble mask products.


In the cosmetics industry, small samples can be presented as gifts or provided to users who have not experienced them before. They are often 'not for sale'. Compared to the high prices of some large brands of cosmetics and skincare products, brand small samples allow more users to experience them. As a second throw cosmetics with a smaller capacity than the sample, essence is more popular, usually in the form of a set box or a set meal, which sets the use cycle, making it easier to carry and more scientific in dosage.

Considering the female population, clever packaging can also increase their attention to products. Based on this, some cosmetics companies can actually promote or improve the packaging of secondary cosmetics, fully utilize the characteristics of the product, and carry out bubble packaging, which may be a way to enhance brand awareness and product sales.

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