Secondary processing: Why are secondary products becoming increasingly popular?


I believe that everyone has their own skincare products. When we travel or go on business, we bring our own skincare products with us. However, we may find bottled ones very inconvenient to carry. Nowadays, many companies have introduced secondary products for our convenience. In the past, secondary products were based on trial packaging, in order to sample the products, but now they are for the convenience of customers, Next, let's take a look together and see what is the reason for the formation of the second casting process?


1. Convenient to carry

Many people take their own skin care products when they travel or on business trips. For example, if we want to take all the water and cream, we need to take a package and pack it separately. We are also worried about the damage in the middle of the journey, which will cause some loss to our economy. However, it is very convenient for us to carry them one at a time, for example, water emulsion, When reusing, use one piece at a time, and discard it directly after use. There is no need to worry about damage, even if it is damaged, it is only a one-time use. What's the matter.

2. Safety and Health

Although the skincare products we purchased at home are for our own use, the shelf life of the skincare products after opening the packaging is limited to a certain extent. The original shelf life of skincare products was about three years, but the shelf life after opening the packaging will be greatly reduced, from the original three years to half a year. If some products have high levels of active substances, the storage time will be shorter, otherwise we will use them, The effectiveness of skincare products has been greatly reduced, but with the use of bubble testing, we can use one at a time after processing, without worrying about the phenomenon of not being used up within the expiration date. It is not only safe, but also very hygienic.

I believe everyone should be aware of the frequent reasons for secondary processing. The main reason is for the convenience of product use, and the hygiene and safety of the products have been guaranteed. For example, Yunfei Poetry has become the field of secondary processing products, accumulating advanced technology and services. We can choose this company to cooperate and carry out processing. Now, it has become an excellent service provider for many major and well-known brands in the world.

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