How to understand secondary casting and processing?


When it comes to disposable contact lenses, it's probably not uncommon for everyone, but when it comes to disposable cosmetics and skincare products, I believe there are still many people who are not familiar with them. In recent years, the market prospects for secondary packaging cosmetics have been very promising, and the market demand has been continuously increasing. It can be said that secondary packaging processing factories have become an industry with a development trend. So what does the meaning of secondary processing mean? Today, let's give our family a detailed introduction. Interested readers, come and learn more!


The meaning of secondary polishing type OEM is to produce disposable cosmetics or skincare products. The reason why secondary polishing type cosmetics and skincare products can attract a large consumer group is because of their portability. Compared with traditional large capacity cosmetics, secondary polishing type products are more refined and compact, can be packaged separately, and are more convenient to use and carry. For migrant workers who need to travel frequently or travelers who frequently travel, disposable cosmetics and skincare products can reduce the burden of luggage and prevent products from breaking or being too large to pass security checks.

At present, there are two packaging methods for secondary packaging, namely the use of integrated filling packaging for soft packaging and non integrated filling packaging for hard packaging. Among them, secondary disposal of soft bags can effectively improve production efficiency and facilitate express transportation, ultimately achieving cost savings for enterprises; Hard packaging secondary throwing refers to the separation of packaging material forming and material canning into two independent stages, without affecting each other. The major advantage of hard bag secondary throwing is its superior flexibility.

Many companies will choose secondary processing factories because they not only save costs but also do not need to worry. So how should we choose a secondary polishing factory? I personally believe that we should choose companies with rich experience and good reputation for cooperation, such as Yun Fei Shi. This company is a leader in the processing of secondary cosmetic products, established in 2008 with 15 years of rich experience. It is an ODM company specializing in secondary cosmetic products. At present, it covers more than 10 types of secondary polishing products and is one of the largest secondary polishing OEM factories in China with a large number of secondary polishing products.

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