Small Treasure Factory, Exploring the Cosmetics Enterprise in Fengxian, Shanghai


Secondary cosmetic products are a niche category in the OEM industry, but they are also a very worthwhile category to explore. Compared to a large body like a formal product, it is lightweight, portable, exquisite, and hygienic.

Last year, a small cup of canned facial mask came out, making the cosmetics industry a 'second wind'. Originally, secondary throwing can also become a personalized way of expression. The ever-changing appearance and flexible combination not only showcase individuality but also bring fun.

Today, we have arrived at the largest secondary cosmetics OEM factory in China - Yunfei Shi Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. located in Fengxian, Shanghai. This Hong Kong funded enterprise was established in 2008 and has positioned itself as secondary cosmetics since its establishment.



1、 Introducing the old and bringing forth the new, even the second throw can be very magnificent

Our most common type is this aluminum foil bag of secondary cosmetic products, also known as bag bags, which can hold various cosmetics. In the past, they were given as gifts along with the products, 'Yu Yi, the general manager of Yunfei Poetry Factory, introduced to us. What appears in front of us are small bags, either square or round, with a monochrome design and a moderate net content of 1-5mL. The simple packaging reminds us of the best-selling bag shampoo in small towns on the third and fourth tier more than a decade ago. At that time, the positioning of secondary selling was only to attract purchases, and it was a simple product developed by merchants to attract consumers.



In the early years, the definition of secondary selling in the market was very narrow, but at the factory end, changes and upgrades have always been ongoing. In Yunfeishi Factory, blister filling packaging, facial mask cup filling packaging, strip filling packaging, bullet ampoule, and AFP secondary filling packaging were successively born.

Taking bubble wrap packaging as an example, this packaging method from drug production has evolved into a more beautiful form after collision with cosmetics. The three-dimensional aluminum foil is the innovation of Yunfei Shi in bubble wrap packaging, greatly enhancing the plasticity of the product.



The popular essence of ampoule was initially made of glass, which was easy to scratch the hand when used. On this basis, Yunfeishi developed bullet ampoule packaging, upgraded the ampoule material, not only safer to use, but also gave the product a sense of value.




As the most popular essence packaging form at present, AFP secondary throwing and filling packaging has also been successfully introduced by Yunfeishi Factory. This kind of packaging uses roll film materials to form a whole, which are sealed after aseptic filling. With the excellent barrier performance of the materials, the active ingredients can be preserved to the greatest extent to achieve fresh skin care.



2、 From point to surface, all cosmetics can be made into secondary products

In addition to water cream, essence and facial mask application, air cushion and makeup remover can also find suitable secondary throwing packaging.



As far as we know, there are not many factories specializing in secondary dumping in China. Yunfei Shi has been deeply involved in this field for 14 years. Currently, we plan to build a new factory on the existing foundation, 'said General Manager Yu Yi. The variety of secondary polishing products and the up-to-date appearance design are a major feature of Yunfei Poetry. The number of public molds alone has reached over a hundred, covering over 90% of the secondary polishing products on the market. In addition, customized and differentiated services, as well as flexible minimum order quantities, are also key to the success of Yunfei Poetry. We can collaborate with mold suppliers based on customer needs to develop specialized molds and help customers create exclusive competitiveness。



As a factory specializing in creative packaging, Yunfeishi relies on its advanced experience in the field of secondary packaging to present various cosmetics in secondary packaging. Throughout 2021, it collaborated with over 400 brand merchants, including well-known international brands and highly regarded domestic brands. To some extent, it also indicates the broad prospects of the secondary product market.

In fact, not only cosmetics, but also various daily consumer goods are quietly upgrading and innovating their packaging methods to meet the needs of the public. The well-known small pot of tea has created a tea category under one name. Capsule coffee, one cup at a time, is becoming increasingly popular among exquisite urban beauties. Even the large bottles of mouthwash that used to be placed on the home sink are transformed into small packaging in strips or cans, and packed into backpacks to accompany the owner on business trips anytime and anywhere.

Secondary packaging has gradually become a part of our daily lives. We believe that in the near future, secondary cosmetics will become increasingly common, and this requires factories like Yunfei Shi to constantly innovate.

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