Efficiency is the king, and the second time the cosmetics are outsourced, Yunfei's poetry has become popular


In this era of emphasizing efficiency in everything, young people's skincare industry has also begun to take the path of efficiency. 'Efficiency is king' and 'efficient skincare' are becoming increasingly popular, becoming the first choice for the new generation of young consumers.

According to data review, in the past 10 years, functional skincare products have become a global trend. The functional skincare market in developed regions of Europe and America accounts for over 60% of the cosmetics market, while the market share of Japanese cosmetic products accounts for 50%, and the market share of Chinese functional skincare is around 20%. It can be seen that there is still huge room for growth in the Chinese functional skincare market.




In the domestic efficacy skin care product market in the past two years, secondary cosmetics is undoubtedly one of the hottest categories. From the popularity of Runbaiyan secondary essence stock solution, we can see that small packaging, novel design, clean and hygienic, high content of functional raw materials, easy to carry, ready to use and ready to throw are the important reasons for secondary cosmetics to become popular.

As a leading domestic OEM manufacturer of secondary skincare products, Yunfeishi Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunfeishi) has always been optimistic about the development prospects of secondary skincare products. Over the years, Yunfeishi has continuously explored the development of functional raw materials and innovative packaging methods, and has launched many innovative functional skincare products.




In 2022, it is the 14th year of the establishment of Yunfei Poetry, and after these years of accumulation, Yunfei Poetry has reached a stage of thick accumulation and thin accumulation, 'said Yu Yi, the general manager of Yunfei Poetry Company.

For many years, Yunfeishi has been continuously focusing on the R&D and innovation of secondary cosmetics in the form of bags, blisters, AFP three-dimensional aluminum foil, facial mask cups, and soft capsules, providing customers with the overall solution of functional cosmetics, including customized mold development, and all-round secondary cosmetics ODM supporting services.

With the increasingly refined division of labor and cooperation in modern society, the professional division of labor in the cosmetics industry chain is becoming increasingly clear,

The value system composed of raw material supply, production and manufacturing, packaging design, advertising performance, sales channels, terminal performance, and after-sales service together endows the brand with value. Any mistake in this system can cause damage to the brand, and without the full participation of suppliers, advertisers, and distributors, the establishment of the brand is unimaginable.

The flexible minimum order quantity, rich secondary product categories, and sound quality management system have made Yunfei Shi OEM the preferred supplier for many emerging brands. Whether it is the second throw essence solution or the second throw facial mask, many popular second throw cosmetics in the market come from this factory. The outstanding efficacy and novel packaging are the biggest selling points of these second throw cosmetics.




In this information explosion Internet era, the competition in the cosmetics industry is becoming more and more fierce, and product innovation is in full swing. We also expect Yunfeishi to create more excellent and creative second throw cosmetics.

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