Entering Yunfei Poetry, it turns out that this is how the second throw cosmetics were born


In the context of consumer upgrading, emerging consumer groups such as Generation Z have emerged, with increasingly diverse consumer demands, providing a prerequisite for the birth of new brands and creative products.

Secondary cosmetics stand out against this backdrop. The so-called 'second throw' refers to products that are 'thrown away after use' and 'disposable'. Contact lenses can be made into secondary lenses, and cosmetics can also be made into secondary lenses. The main characteristics of secondary skincare products are small dosage, high concentration, compact and convenient, which can be used in many occasions.



Like other packaging forms of cosmetics, secondary cosmetics are all produced by professional cosmetic factories. Compared to ordinary cosmetics, secondary cosmetics are still in the growth stage, and their market share still needs to be improved. The professional production of secondary cosmetics factories is also one of the few in China.



Yunfei Shi is currently a highly influential sub polishing specialized OEM factory in China, located in the cosmetics OEM factory of Shanghai Oriental Beauty Valley. The factory covers an area of 9000 square meters and has strong production capacity. It has 14 years of experience in the production of sub polishing products.


The production technology and equipment of Yunfeishi are all imported from South Korea, including blister 3D molding filling and cutting machine, hand and foot hair film full-automatic cutting and filling machine, facial mask cup full-automatic filling and sealing machine, special-shaped aluminum foil bag full-automatic machine, etc. The product types basically cover all kinds of secondary throwing on the market, including bag secondary throwing, blister secondary throwing, AFP three-dimensional filling secondary throwing, facial mask cup secondary throwing, etc.

Safety is also the biggest characteristic of secondary skincare products. Yunfei Shi uses BFS technology during the filling process of secondary skincare products, which can keep the entire production process in a sterile environment. Therefore, secondary skincare products can truly achieve complete absence of any preservatives. Therefore, secondary skincare products can also be said to be a quick to buy and use cosmetic that consumes quickly.


The production of blister type secondary cosmetic products adopts an integrated molding method. The roll film packaging material can be shaped into various shapes through hot stamping. On the production line, the machine can automatically cut and fill, and the content is immediately packaged after filling, not only ensuring safety and hygiene, but also high production efficiency.




Under the premise of using a 100 level purification production workshop for product production to ensure safe and clean production, Yunfei Shi attaches great importance to the safety, stability, functionality, and compatibility of the product. Each product must undergo these tests before being released from the warehouse. Professional product services and rigorous quality control make Yunfei Poetry the perfect choice for many brands.

In addition, the work principle of pursuing innovation, striving for excellence without others, and ensuring the innovation and unique competitiveness of Yunfei Poetry products. The product development department of the factory maintains communication with advanced foreign technologies, and new projects are initiated every month to ensure that new products are launched every month. Continuous innovation has enabled Yunfei Poetry to accumulate a large number of public model databases. In addition, Yunfei Shi is better at developing exclusive molds based on brand positioning and characteristics, creating differentiated products, and enhancing market competitiveness. This is another major factor for brand customers to choose Yunfei Shi.

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