YOUNGFACE: A Record of the Survival of a Shanghai Cosmetics Factory in April and May


'At more than 8:00 p.m. on March 27, we received a notice of closure. General Manager Yu immediately called volunteers to the factory to support closed-loop production. We transferred all the packaging materials from the nearby warehouse to the factory, and purchased a batch of bedding, marching beds, vegetables, instant noodles, medicines, etc. nearby. More than 100 people stayed up, working from more than 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the next morning,' recalled Zhang Chengtao of Yunfeishi's sales department.


At that time, we didn't expect it to be closed for so long. What we were preparing was a 4-day quantity. After April 1st, as the situation became increasingly severe, we were told that we needed to continue to maintain the closed factory and that personnel could not go out

Who would have thought that we came in wearing down jackets and came out wearing short sleeves? 'Recalling his 61 day stay at the factory, Zhang Chengtao was still quite moved.

For over sixty days, more than two hundred colleagues in the company lived and worked in the factory, spending 24 hours a day together, creating a sense of family companionship, helping each other, teasing each other, and encouraging each other.

At the end of March, when the closed-loop system began, the factory had nearly 190 employees, including about 130 frontline production employees, about 30 in the quality department, and about 20 in logistics and warehousing. These employees were mainly responsible for on-site work. There were also about 10 employees in the sales, planning, and administrative departments, mainly responsible for system order processing and life support work. For unrestricted location work such as copywriting review, we arranged for employees to work from home Yu Yi, General Manager of Yunfei Poetry, introduced.


In late April, the company applied for resumption of work and production, and more and more employees returned to the factory. As of May 27th, the number of resident employees reached 290, which has been under closed-loop management during this period.

During our stay at the factory, our primary consideration was the livelihood security of our employees - food, housing, and health issues. Only after the survival issues were resolved can we start solving production problems. 'Qin Liqing, from the administrative department of Yunfei Poetry, told us an unforgettable story of our stay at the factory.



Yunfei Poetry has its own cafeteria, which gives us a closed-loop confidence. The cafeteria can accommodate 300 to 400 people dining at the same time on a daily basis. The company has two factory areas, approximately 200 meters apart, and both factories have employees stationed during the lockdown period. Given that the cafeteria is located in the new factory area and personnel cannot move between the two factories, we need someone to transport food from the new factory area to the old factory area. Our production team leaders and supervisors step forward to help everyone prepare and distribute meals, rain or shine, three times a day.

In the early stage, we relied on inventory and targeted aid materials from the park to sustain for a period of time. However, vegetables and fruits are not easy to store, so regular purchases are still necessary. The management personnel of the cafeteria have put a lot of effort into food procurement. In addition, we have a supplier who has been cooperating with us for many years, which is very reliable and has helped us a lot. Our employees were also very awesome. They didn't complain from beginning to end, but insisted on it silently for two months.



In terms of living, I found that our employees have amazing adaptability and strong hands-on abilities. The number of marching beds is not large, so we temporarily transformed the meeting room, office, and hallway into beds, covered with cardboard and bedding, and everyone persevered in this way.

During the stay at the factory, nucleic acid testing is a daily routine. At the beginning, over a hundred of us needed to leave the factory and go to the park to participate in centralized sampling. Later, the company assigned two employees with experience in experimental operations to receive sampling training in the park. In early May, the company began organizing sampling within the factory area. Before the production line starts at 8 o'clock every day, we need to complete the sampling of over 200 people, which is quite laborious.


However, there are fewer opportunities for contact with external personnel after nucleic acid self collection, making safety more guaranteed. In addition, we also require employees to undergo antigen self testing after waking up every day, and only those who test negative can queue up for nucleic acid.

During the whole sealing and control period, before materials enter the plant, they need to be kept for 24 hours outside disinfection and sterilization before they can be transported. We try our best to eliminate the hidden dangers in all links.


In terms of production arrangements, due to the limited reserve of packaging materials in the factory, we arranged for half a day of production and half a day of rest in April. In May, after the company obtained the temporary pass, packaging materials were added and the working hours were adjusted to a normal pace.

In early May, a resident colleague living in an external area noticed discomfort in the stomach and accompanied by weight loss. After learning about it, the company sent him to a traditional Chinese medicine hospital in the area for examination and found that it was cholecystitis. After receiving an intravenous drip for two days, the condition improved. In order to help employees rest better and recover as soon as possible, the company and the hospital, the park, and the community where the employees reside repeatedly communicated and negotiated. After several setbacks, the employees were safely sent back home.


Seeking medical attention in an emergency is fraught with difficulties, which is a significant test for us. Everyone is very nervous and worried, but fortunately, our employee has now recovered his health

As the weather gradually turned hot, bathing became a major problem. We improvised and our colleagues in the engineering department installed 8 water heaters and shower equipment in the company's bathroom. More than 200 people took turns using them at different times, which basically met their needs.


In the end, the biggest test is no longer material, but emotional and spiritual pressure. Everyone doesn't know when they can go home, so it's inevitable to get anxious emotionally. We will find ways to alleviate everyone's anxiety, organize simple activities within the allowable range, distract attention, and relieve stress.

Yu Yi, the general manager of Yunfei Poetry Factory, said, 'If we use a few keywords to summarize the experience of Yunfei Poetry Factory, then April can be said to be off guard, and May can be said to be stable. In June, our goal is to self repair and re exert ourselves, looking forward to the revival of the consumer market, and our supply chain will gradually revive.

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