YOUNGFACE: Why do cosmetics need to be made into secondary throw style?


Why do cosmetics need to be made in a secondary style? We interviewed Yu Yi, the head of Yunfei Poetry, a leading secondary packaging factory in China, to address the increasingly common secondary packaging trend in the market. He explained the reasons behind the secondary packaging trend to us.

Firstly, secondary cosmetics are very popular among consumers due to their user oriented approach, which involves using them one at a time. Take liquid foundation for example. When traveling in the past, liquid foundation in glass bottles was not only heavy and took up space, but also very easy to be broken, which made many users very worried. Now liquid foundation has also been thrown and loaded for several times. It's very light. So you see, portability is the most obvious advantage of disposable cosmetics, which is the original intention of many brands to develop this category.



Secondly, secondary cosmetics have obvious price advantages. From the perspective of product cost, cosmetics with the same capacity can be made into secondary cosmetics with more competitive market prices. Observing the cosmetics market in recent years, secondary cosmetics have sprung up like mushrooms, with more and more diverse forms. Almost all well-known brands are creating secondary cosmetics in the design of aluminum foil bags, three-dimensional aluminum foil, facial mask cups, and soft capsules, which further proves that exquisite secondary cosmetics are the trend of the times.



When secondary cosmetics were first presented in bags, the main purpose was to attract purchases. Merchants introduced low-cost bagged secondary cosmetics as gifts, complementing formal cosmetics. Up to now, secondary cosmetics has become a special category. In addition to liquid foundation, essence, water emulsion, facial cleanser and makeup remover can also be made into secondary cosmetics. Secondary cosmetics packaging has swept the entire cosmetics manufacturing field like a revolution, changing not only consumers' buying habits and use habits, but also the direction of brand marketing.


So, how can a brand make a recognizable secondary sale? Of course, a capable factory is needed to assist.

As a leading secondary cosmetics packaging manufacturer in China, Yunfeishi has focused on this field since 2008. Its main products include plastic injection facial mask cups, blisters, aluminum foil bags, bags, patent AFP, capsules, ampoules and other secondary cosmetics products; The company has been established for more than 14 years and is located in Fengxian, Shanghai. It focuses on the secondary packaging of cosmetics and traces its origins to the collaborative research and development of secondary packaging equipment and materials.




For the development of new products, we explore two ways besides Mode 1, which can provide product creativity, as well as ODM development of secondary products including formula development and packaging suggestions. The cycle is generally within 60 days, from formula sampling selection, packaging material sampling and testing selection to product inspection and filing, material procurement, and finished product mass production and shipment; Mode 2: OEM filling of content can be provided by customers, and suitable secondary packaging can be recommended according to customer needs or recommendations. The cycle is generally within 45 days, from selecting packaging materials for sample testing to product registration, material procurement, and production and shipment of finished goods. If it is an old product return order, the cycle from placing an order, purchasing materials, and producing and shipping finished products in bulk is generally within 30 days.




With advanced experience and technology accumulated in the field of secondary polishing products, Yunfei Poetry has become a high-quality service provider for many international and well-known local brands such as Baicaoji, Naturaltang, Pelaia, Winona, as well as cutting-edge brands such as Misskin, Sancao Liangmu, Lifetime Research, Cainiao, and formulators.

Many brand customers will first think of our Yunfei Poetry when they have product development needs, 'said Yu Yi, the general manager of Yunfei Poetry Company. From production capacity to volume, Yunfei Poetry is clearly a leader in the industry.

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